Friday, June 26, 2009


That’s right....
Hayden is famous :)
Go Here:

Then scroll down allllllll theeee wayyyy dowwwnnn.

Are you there?

Sweet huh?

Cory is a fan of pretty much every sport ever.... I never get a break of sports over here... its NBA finals, or the Super bowl, or the Stanley Cup, or the World Series. I joke around that Cory has a girlfriend named Espn(pronounced es-pen, get it :) ) This is one of his favorite columnists. At the end of every column he puts a picture of a kid usually in a jersey, I guess... Cory sent one to him and Hayden got picked, for the last column of the season! Last the best. Why wouldn’t Hayd get picked though? Hayden is the cutest little guy ever, but I’m not bias or anything. The picture on ESPN is when he was about 3 months, here are some newer pictures of him in the jersey we took while watching the Stanley Cup.(He will be 6 months on Sunday, its so weird. He is so so big)

I miss blogging... terribly. But until Cory gets back I think I will be too busy with Hayden.

An update on the Cory/Car/Texas situation:
-Cory is selling pest control while he is there and is doing AWESOME! I am so so proud of him. He is working so so hard.
-The car definitely has 2 broken head gaskets, and will be $2000ish to fix. Juuuuust Suuuper Duper right? I’m still praying for a miracle.
-Cory is selling so well there that he will probably stay down in Texas for 4 or 5 more weeks. Holy cow....four.... more... weeks...*sigh* I’m so grateful for my family and all there help and support so I can stay sane.
-Cory has been gone for 11 days now. Hayden and I are doing really well. I miss him, but I am at peace with everything and know that this is the best situation and thing for our family.

Also I entered Hayden into the Kosy Baby Idol Contest. So please vote for him, go here and vote for number 158! Thanks everyone!

I miss all my mommy friends! I’ll try and blog more often, blogging is a nice out for me.

I hope everyone is doing fabulous-ly. Happy summer! Maybe I’ll see some of you at Fourth of July festivities :) Come say hello!!!

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Two weeks... two freaking weeks

....Cory is leaving....

for two weeks.....-ish, give or take, more or less, here a little there a little, big or small, rain or shine....

*sigh* he’s going. Tuesday 6:40am, Delta, to Denver, and the Dallas, and then the FINAL destination....Austin, Texas. So far away... for such a long time. I'm already losing my mind (obviously, right?)

But this is for the best. We are FINALLY moving forward with our lives. It's going to get harder before it gets better right? We will finally have "the beast" back. (The name that I just right this second named his stupid broken down car, which would be a really nice car if we could figure out what was wrong with it. AAAANNND if I didn't totally LOATHE the stupid overgrown metal thing because it's costing us so much time, and money, and stress to fix. ) But then we will have 2 cars. And I can have FREEDOM... I can go when I want, and do what i want. Out of the house to the wide, wide world... of, Clearfield? But really people this is a big deal. You have no idea how excited I am to make random Robert's runs... And thrift shop runs... mmm thifting... are there even any good thrift shops here? I have no idea. And Target runs! Oh how I miss Target. Just to get out of the house and be amongst other people and women! Oh happy day.

Also, the second car here means we are another step closer to moving to Idaho. What a great adventure that will be. "Idaho? An adventure?" This is what you may be thinking. But, to be all on our own. Away in a town we don't know, with friends and new people we have yet to meet and really having to rely on each other will be a great adventure.

So... let the countdown begin.
Until Cory leaves for Idaho,
‘til I see him again,
‘til he gets another new job in Idaho,(he had to quit his job here)
and ‘til we move to Idaho and start school,
and begin this new part of our lives….
Thinking about it all right now still kinda makes me want to throw up. I don't do well with change. Change is scary, and hard.... I'm just trying to trust in Heavenly Father that this is what is best.

So in the spirit of this FABULOUS quote, that seriously made my day... here is a really funny cartoon that I found on Mother's Day

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Bring on the....


ya... seriously, Hayden is 5 months old and has started teething. Poor guy, he is miserable. He had a yucky cold on top of the teething, or maybe it is from the teething? He has the runniest, yuckiest nose ever, and super duper red, watery eyes AND a fever. Thank goodness he is finally getting better. But the super slobber and swollen gums are still around, while putting E.V.E.R.Y.T.H.I.N.G. in his mouth. He grabs and wants to get into anything he can. I am in BIG trouble when he is mobile. The little two bottom teeth haven't pushed their way through yet. But hopefully they will make an apperance soon.

Oh, and we took him into the doctor when the fever came around and he weighs... drum roll please...

18 lbs and 8 oz!! He is definately my big, little man :)

cute rolls, rolls, and more rolls

"Just chillin' in my tub..."

Big blue, blue eyes