Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Spring time fun!

We had such a nice Easter/Conference weekend.  I love the days I get to spend ALL DAY with my men :)  The Easter bunny came to visit us!  He left a trail of eggs and jelly beans that Hayden followed to his Easter basket.  I was surprised how well he "got" the whole Easter bunny and trail thing... Maybe it was he was just so excited for all of his new fun things.  That nice Easter bunny even left some yummy treats for mommy and daddy. :)

Hayden following the trail
(I love his little diaper bum all the way up in the air)
 He would pick every little egg and jelly bean up and quickly run it over and give to Cory, it was so cute.
(He probably learned to do this, or was concerned there were things on the floor since we have been learning not to throw food on the floor... because if you do, mommy will make you clean it all up.)
Checking out his new prizes :)

 His cute Easter outfit

" ENOUGH of the pictures mom!"

We are LOVING this warm weather.  I think we both had cabin fever so bad.  Our first time really going out was when we were visiting Grandma in Utah. It was sooo lovely.  He loved playing with the chalk and helping Aunt Mandi sweep :)

Hayden is so so big.  He loves "helping" me cook. That is his all time favorite thing ever.  We are visiting in Utah now while we are getting ready for the big move to Texas, and Grandma Tracy got him his VERY OWN pots and pans.. we are both very excited about this.  Now he wont steal mine and my whisk and other random cooking utensils :) 

This is a video I took of him "helping" me cook.  He always has to be cooking while I am and we will eventually put whatever he has cooked into whatever I am cooking :)  He is always will taste whatever he is making and is so nice to share with Cory and I.