Wednesday, December 17, 2008

The doctors visit

I was so nervous for my doctors check up on Tuesday, but it wasn't nearly as bad as I thought it would be. It was quick and definitely, DEFINITELY uncomfortable. The strep test thing was cake, but then to see where Hayden's head is was not super. He was pretty high when my doctor checked, Hayden apparently loves the nice little home that I have made for him and would like to continue bonding. But I have heartburn and numbness in my arms and hands that take turns wreaking their unpleasantness on my body. So the Doctor thinks that Hayden probably drops(which causes the pins and needles, numb feeling) and then goes back up under my ribs(super duper heartburn) and then drops(numb) and hangs out and then goes backup(heartburn?... what a silly, silly boy but I don’t think he is very funny... I’m sooo ready for him to come and not be pregnant anymore. But at the same time I am not ready at all. I just can't wait to be able to sleep with only 2 pillows instead of 5 or 6 and not have to toss and turn all night. I will venture back into the doctor next week on the 23rd, 2 days before Christmas... My little counter only says 20 days left... HOLY COW! That’s nothing... I'm trying not to stress and get all the stuff together that I need and figure out how much stuff is necessary. How many bottles and nipples and formula/breast milk bags, and how many of this and that... blah... hopefully I will keep my sanity with Christmas coming and such. Oh and I need some opinons... I have a sweet gift card for and I am debating between this sweet 4 in 1 nursing shawl or this baby wrap thing....which do you think? Both? Neither? I can find a different more awesomer, possibly cheaper version of these somewhere else?(click the black parts for the link to see 'em )

Monday, December 15, 2008


Holy smokes! Its been forever and a freaking day since I have updated my blog. Thanks for all the sweet little notes and such from everyone who was worried about my where abouts...It has been extremely busy. I am so behind. I have had funny little things I wanted to post about, I wanted to get up a invite about my shower this last Saturday, my very handsome little brother turned 17!(I can't believe how grown up he is, I love him tons. He will be a great uncle.), I am behind on like 3 different fun tags that I really want to do... I will try and get caught up in the next couple days.

No I have not had my big D-day yet. I go to my doctor tomorrow and we will see what he says. I am so excited to be going and terrified at the same time! I am excited because I have been cramping more often lately and my tummy is super tight. My back also kills! But on a good not, my heartburn/acid reflux nonsense has calmed down quite a bit. However the same day it stopped I got that pins and needles feeling all down my arms to my finger tips. My arms and hands are half way asleep almost all day, and its super hard to grab things or write for too long... lovely trade up. Maybe it means he has dropped a little though? Who knows? Tomorrow we will find out. He was in the high 5's in weight last time I went so I am expecting him to be AT LEAST 6 lb 5 oz or something... I think I will be delivering a tank... At this checkup it is the whole check, check... the strep culture I'm not worried about but the whole seeing how dilated I am, if I am effaced and where the baby’s head is makes me EXTREMELY nervous. I heard it hurts pretty bad and is nowhere near fun... not that delivery is gonna be a blast, but I just think about things too much and now this Dr. check up thing is a little scary. I’ll let you know how everything is going.

I had my shower on Saturday. It was so fun. I really appreciate everyone that came by to show their love and support for me and the start of my new little family! Thanks so much to everyone! I got a hecka ton of cute clothes and some fun books that I’m super excited about, a much needed bath tub, hangers, and more fun clothes and blankets. I was so grateful friends and family ventured over to my mom's in that yucky snow storm. It's pretty to look at, not so pretty to travel in, even if it is just for 5 min. My fabulous aunts and cousins made all these super yummy Christmas treats and made little Christmas plates for everyone that came. I'm so grateful for my family. They are so supportive and I don't know what I would do without them. I honestly have the best most talented, entertaining, loving, super sweet family ever! I love you guys thanks so much!

Oh my goodness.. I definitely only have a few weeks left, I'm pretty big. No wonder random strangers come up and now ask.... "OHHHH... when are you due?!" Like I'm going to drop the child right then and there....

My sister in law Gena and brother in law Owen and my nephew Eli.

Cory and Eli. Eli is so stinkning cute. And that is "the" sleeper gown thing that Hayden will be wearing home from the hospital. It says HAMILTON on the back. We also got cute little BYU socks and cap that Cory is pretty excited to bring him home in.

Our nursery is pretty much set up for the most part. If Hayden were to come tomorrow we would be A-Ok. Crib is set up, clothes put away, etc. I still haven't decorated it yet, I would really, really like to before he gets here. Hopefully he won't resent me too much if I don't get to it before he is here. There are still a few things we need and want but it’s not a tragedy if we don't have them all before he gets here. Like all the little baby products, baby wash, shampoo, powder, diaper rash cream, stuff like that I still need. I need little parts for my breast pump: shields, tubes, the little circle things... I would like a baby sling carrier thing, a bumbo chair, a diaper genie, a boppy nursing pillow, and ummm I don't know...things that would be nice but are nowhere near necessary. Oh and I really would like to get some stuff to teach him sign language stuff eventually. Thank goodness for the completion discount and what not on our babies 'r us registry!
Hayden's cute crib. It has a sweet drawer at the bottom. I love it.

The big day that there will be another new man in my life is getting so close! It could be tomorrow, next week...SOON! I feel so blessed and overwhelmed. I haven't done any Christmas shopping yet :S I should probably get on that sooner than later, since I will be out of commission super soon. I love Christmas time and there has been so much going on that it doesn't even feel like Christmas really. It’s just been all baby to me. All our Christmas decor is now up and I’m trying to get into the spirit and just patiently wait for my other big day. I'm trying to distract myself by staying busy, and doing things besides eating a lot and sleeping and potty breaks and eating.... Any suggestions?

So now all this talk of eating has made me STARVING! Like I haven't eaten in weeks! Even though it was like an hour ago, no wonder why my son is already so big... I promise I will get caught up with my bloggage soon. I hope everyone is having a fabulous holiday season!

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Doctors Check up A **FaBuLOuS** Baby Shower in a Box AND a New HaiRcUT!

Tuesday I had a doctor’s appointment. I was expecting to have the whole BIG check and the strep test but that will be in 2 weeks on the 16th. Everything is still going great. Hayden has FINALLY turned the right way, and is head down. When the doctor measured my belly I heard him say, "WOW,.... is getting big!" I asked, he is or I am? And thank goodness the doctor meant Hayden was getting big. (Even though I know I am getting huge as well.) My doctor then said, "ya, he is in the high 5's in weight now!" Holy freaking cow... the next time I go in Hayden is gonna be at least 6 lbs! Weird.... The doctor also said, "I think '08 is a very good time to have a baby." So sometime this month I will be a mommy... So crazy, he will be here so soon. I am so excited and TERRIFIED! I don't know if I'm ready. Hopefully my "mommy instincts" will kick in like everyone says.

The day before Thanksgiving I received a package. It was HUGE! I was so excited to see that it was from California, cause that meant it was from my two good friends, Erin and Emily. So of course I tear into the box as fast as possible and I pull out the card that is attached to a piece of paper. The paper says that this is my "Baby Shower in a Box, California style." And then there were rules below it... the first one says that I have to open it with Cory, no exceptions! Are you kidding me! It was like 11 o'clock and Cory wasn't gonna be home for HOURS! So I decided I could possibly call him and then he could be "there" with me but just on the phone... but that attempt at bending the rules didn't work because Cory said I had to wait and he would tell on me if I opened it without him... DANG IT... So I waited.....and waited... FOREVER till he came home.
Some of the rest of the rules were, "grab a snack, because the card wasn't a snack." "Go potty first before opening it, so I don't need a break in between opening everything." "Get some Kleenex’s just in case." "Call them right after I open it." Erin and Emily are so cute and clever. It totally made my day. The box was STUFFED full of amazing baby things that were so thoughtful. There were a bunch of cute long-sleeved onesies with the little hand covers, cute little pants, the little sleeper/gowns that I love, A little Dreft spot treater pen, baby toys, CD with cute lullaby music, bottle cleaners and formula mixer with a temperature gauge, a cute little fuzzy hat that is so soft, a baby’s first Christmas ornament, and a beautiful bracelet that Erin made for me that spells out Hayden. There was so much stuff and I cannot express to them how much it meant to me that they would take all that time and thought and effort to put this "baby shower in a box" all together. I love them so much and can't wait to see them when my little guy is here.

WARNING: I did not get ready this day and I am a total vision to say the least... Sweats and a hoodie are some of my best friends these days... also Travis(my brother) took the pictures, thats why some are a little blurry and stuff...

I really did want to eat the card, because it as a sushi card!! Yummy, but don't worry... I didn't...

I was really excited about this cute, soft, fuzzy hat!

"Mommy's little monster" :)

They even decorated the inside of the box! What cute, creative girls

The bracelets Erin made me, I love them so much! They are so pretty.

Thank you so much Erin and Emily! I miss you guys so much. I can't wait to see you soon. I love you tons!

I had a haircut and color yesterday. I wanted to wait as long as possible before I had Hayden because after I have him I am not gonna have time for anything. I knew I wanted to go darker and something short and easy but I didn't really know what exactly. I'm watching Mandy (the girl who does my hair) put all this dark color in and some pretty dark brown red color and a little carmelyish blonde color. The color washes out and the only color that held was the caramel blondish color! It was such a shock to me because it wasn't what I expected and I haven't ever been this light. My hair has been so weird and different my entire pregnancy, the color, and thickness and everything changes all the time. Mandy said the last month of her pregnancy her hair went super blonde too instead of dark. And my good friend her hair went a blue and gray instead of whatever color she wanted. Pregnancy does weird things to your body... I am not going to miss being pregnant at all! Its cut pretty short and I have bangs now... It is so weird to look in the mirror because I am not use to it at all! Hopefully I will get use to it soon.

Here it is... not a super picture, but there ya go....

Monday, December 1, 2008

Our busy busy busy Thanksgiving Weekend!..and stuff

I’m sitting here and it’s already 2 in the afternoon, and my hair is still wet and up in a towel, I’m in my PJ's and have not one little bit of make up on... I’m such a VISION of loveliness! But instead of finally getting ready for the day, I'm going to do a quick post. Mostly for my sanity, because I have a million things to blog about and I will obsess about them all until I do it. One reason I blog is that it's kinda a journal for me, and it’s a good way to get my thoughts out... and it’s kinda a social outlet. Lame I know... It’s been nice being close to my family again after being in California and Texas for so long, but finding my "groove" here has been rough. We are kinda finally getting settled though... sort of... ANYWAY....... Our weekend, it was FABULOUS! I love Thanksgiving. I love having a whole day to just be with family and remember all the things I'm thankful for. Cory and I got 2 days of Thanksgiving. Wednesday we went to my Aunt Terri's and had a yummy, yummy dinner and hung out and played games. I love my family so much. Then Thursday Cory and I drove up to Idaho to have Thanksgiving with his family. It was so nice to see everyone; we don't get to see them very often. There was more yummy, yummy food, and we had so much fun playing with all our nieces and nephews. We are also trying to get ready for Hayden to come. We ripped down old wallpaper and sanitized everything and have started painting... well I haven't but Cory and my brother Trav have. It's been quite the process. I can't wait till the rooms are finished, especially Hayden's nursery... I'll probably cry.

But we had a fabulous, busy weekend. I also got the best surprise ever this Thanksgiving week from my best friends in California. I will blog about that tomorrow probably, and yes there are pictures I will post from this sweet package. It was a "baby shower in a box." That’s all I am gonna say for now.

Now I'm off to at least get half way ready. I'm also trying to get addresses together for my baby shower here. It always takes so much longer than I think it will! It's gonna be an open house deal on the 13th. With yummy treats and me in all my roundness glory! I would love to see everyone’s happy, beautiful faces that can come. :) I also want to get together another day for a "girl's day" sometime before my little guy gets here. Anyone interested?