Wednesday, March 10, 2010


Not much has been going on here.  Just same old blah..  Other than we are moving...AGAIN!  This is going to be the last time in a long, long time though, thank goodness! I hate moving, I feel like I just unpacked and got settled.  But Cory was offered an amazing position with the pest control company he has worked for, for the last couple summers and we couldn't pass it up.  We definitely feel really blessed.  So we will live in Austin, Texas for at least 2 years maybe more. I am not excited to be that far away from family.  But Austin will be a good change for us and for that I am really excited.  More on Texas later...
but I had to post this picture of Hayden :)

Look at that cute butt! I love this boy.  He cracks me up.  He is such a tease lately and very VERY mischievous.  He makes me want to pull my hair out sometimes and then he gives me a huge cheese-ola grin and a kiss and I melt..

He loves to steal my phone and pretend to give it back and run away hysterically laughing before sliding it all the way under the fridge.

He runs to the opposite side of the crib when I go into get him out laughing because he thinks he is so funny.

He also thinks its really funny to take or kick his pants off just as I put them on...

Today I had a cookie which he swiped out of my fingers, ran down the hallway laughing and shut the door to his room...that's the last I saw of my cookie...

He has one molar!  I don't even know when or where it came from.  We were playing yesterday and he was upside down giggling and then I saw it.  This white molar on his top right, and I noticed today the left one is coming down.  He is maybe a little bit more slobbery but not grouchy at all...well..anymore than usual.(that boy has a temper!  I have no idea where he could have gotten it...?) I hope all of his molars that come in are as easy.

He loves to be outside(even though it is still freezing here and snows at least once a week) and help daddy take the trash out and get the mail.  He has to walk by himself though because he is "big."  He pulls away if you try to hold his hand.  He really does think he is 6 feet tall and just as big as everyone else.

He is also such a little piggy. I swear he eats more than me sometimes! And he is FINALLY starting to be a better eater and will eat most of what we eat. Even though green beans, corn and peas are still out of the question...Unless I hide them well.(insert evil laugh here: MWAHAHAHA!)

Bring on Spring and bring on May! I am so ready to be out of this freezing little town...Helllllo Austin!