Monday, October 26, 2009

Vote for Hayden!

hey everyone!

I entered Hayden into another little baby contest :) Its with a great mommy blog I follow. Please vote for hayden :) number #26

First: go here
Second: Scroll down to post a comment, and just put #26. Thats it :) (no anonymous comments)

Thanks Everyone! I really appreciate it.  Its almost Halloween! I hope everyone is ready :) 

Monday, October 12, 2009

Happy Fall

Congrats! If you can see this you are a VIP :)

I hope everyone is having so much fun this Fall I love fall. Im a little bummed mother nature decided to skip the warmer fall 70 temperatures, but none the less. Fall is the best! Here are some fun pictures Ive taken of Hayden as we've been gearing up for fall and Halloween :)

These are Hayden's new cute PJ's from Grandma!
Aren't they so freaking cute?!
I love them....
they totally glow in the dark! hahaha!

Ok, and seriously, I snapped this picture as soon as he let go of his toy and he stood there by himself forever! I could have died! He gets brave alot now to stand by himself...

Fun fall pictures...
When we went to the farm to get the pumpkins he was soo tired and wasn't having it.  So I helped him get a pumpkin and we did this mini pumpkin photo session later :)

Don't you love his jacket?! Its so so cute, Its got a little red in the hood.
Thanks again Em for the jacket! It's our favorite.

This little white pumpkin he wanted to hold the ENTIRE way home from the farm.
He loves it and thinks its so fascinating.

Thanks again everyone for your email addresses! I really appreciate it, I feel so much safer knowing that not just anyone can read and look at out blog!

Hope everyone is getting geared up for Halloween :)  Can't wait to hear all your fun festivities and see your cute pictures.

Friday, October 9, 2009

Only a few more days...and YOU'RE INVITED!

til my family blog goes private!  Thanks so much for sending me your emails.  If you haven't yet make sure you do asap, I will be going private Sunday night!  That week went by super fast! Thank goodness because Hayden and I finally get to see Cory again for the weekend.  It's fafafafreeeezzzzing in Idaho and he needs some warmer clothes.

That's right,  I'm inviting you.... :) There is an amazing gym just for women in Layton, Utah!  My second mother who I love and adore, Sindy Wolthoff is the owner of the gym.  She is an amazing woman and has made a gym that is honestly PERFECT for women.

NO BOYS ALLOWED! How hecka freaking fabulous is that?!
Then you don't have to deal with guys who look like this flexing, grunting and sweating in front of the mirror:

Who think they really look like this:

ewww right?!

I am seriously so excited about this. There are already like 3 girls going, including myself! If you want more information, or need to carpool or something let me know. Email me at

And check this out!

ok seriously..if Dr. Oz can shake his booty like that so can you!  I was all nervous to shake it, I thought "my body is not supposed to move like that anymore." Then I saw that video!  And now I've decided, ever since I had my baby, my body shakes and jiggles when I'm NOT trying to make it shake and jiggle!  So why not go and have FUN exercising, and make my body shake on purpose!

So please please come! It's only $7! And it will be so much fun! See ya there!

Thanks for all your sweet email's and comments about the post on my new blog. This one! 

I've been so inspired by you!  Remember how amazing you are!  Exercise is a great way to feel good about yourself!  Just another reason to come tomorrow ;) If you haven't read this post yet, please do...and share it with others.  Share it on your blog, with friends, women in general.  If you feel comfortable email me and let me know your experience and what you've learned, and if you give me permission Id like to share your thoughts in a follow up post on the subject.  Id like women to know its just not me that has struggled, tons of other women do as well! And they can overcome!  Have a great weekend! 

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Believe in Pink

First go here:

TA DA!! I know right?! It's about time :)  Its still a work in progress, so be patient and please help me out with it :)  Email me at if you have a sweet craft, recipe, thought, or anything you'd like to share.

Also, please check out the post below.  This one.  Next, admire my adorable son with appropriate "ahhs," and "he's so cute," at all the appropriate times.  Then make sure you read the "special announcement," part...which is about our blog going private.  I don't want just any Joe-Shmoe, Creeper Creeperson reading about my family and learning all about us. (because we are that interesting hahaha)  That privilege is for VIP's only :)  So make sure I have your email to add you.  Either add it in the post below, this one. Or check this post to see if you have given it to me once before.  Thanks everyone!

Monday, October 5, 2009

Our Little Man and **Special Announcement**

Hayden is so grown up.  I can't believe he is 9 months now.  It's getting harder and harder to try and stay delusional that he is my "baby."  He will always be my baby but hes not that little newborn baby anymore.  Which is sad and so exciting.  He is in such a fun stage, I have loved every moment with him, but this stage is particularly fun.  But exhausting as well!  He is so so busy!  He is the fastest crawler EVER, and he climbs EVERYTHING, I'm always amazed at what he can pull himself up too.  It's not uncommon for him to have a few little bumps and bruises on his noggin.  He had his 9 month check up and he weighs 21 lbs and 13 oz, and he is 28.75 inches long!  The doctor says he looks great, which I am very grateful for.  He is FINALLY sleeping consistently through the night and is taking consistent naps during the day.  Its so freeing as a mom :)  He is starting table food, but isn't quite sure what to do with it, so he gags...a lot. Cory has a TERRIBLE gag reflex and I'm pretty sure Hayd has it too.  But he loves food(obviously from his cute chubby cheeks), he loves the little baby cereal puffs, and the yogurt bites, but HATES the baby cheeto like things.  He is great at using a sippy cup now and he has a big boy car seat now!  Holy crap, was finding "the perfect" car seat ever an adventure.  He is also into making all these funny faces now too.  I dont know if he just figured out he can or what but it's so funny.  The one he does the most is making his mouth into a perfect little "o."  He does it all the time, when he's excited, when someone new comes in the room, snack time, all the time! :)  He also loves playing with his basketball hoop, which uncle Trav is pretty happy about.  Here are some fun pictures I took today and some funny ones from a few weeks ago. There is a ton soooo be aware.  But I couldn't help myself NOT to post them.  So look and scroll down, cause you know I got more to say, including a special announcement. :)

This one is my favorite!  I love his little smile and his cute little spikey hair.

Shooting some hoops!

Things aren't always happy at our house... particularly when I don't let him play with things like electrical sockets and cords... I know. I'm so mean.

Playing with stickers :)

I thought this was kinda funny, his chubby little belly and belly button was collecting all of his formula dribbles.

This is a possible Halloween costume, I haven't decided yet between this and one more.
Anyway! This is a cute cousin picture with Eli :)

Also, good news from our house! I know its about time right :) Cory got a job and has started training with Quest. Its such a great job and I feel very blessed. About 400 people interviewed and there is only 21 in his training group.  It has benefits, great incentives and Cory will rock it! He will work in the call center and help people with their questions and bills and also try and sell packages and such that Quest offers. He will do great. I am very proud of him working so hard at work and also starting school back up. We have been apart since the end of June, with trips going back and forth from Texas and now Idaho Falls. I am so so soo grateful that this is almost over. Hopefully we will be able to find a cute, little apartment sooner than later and move on with this new chapter in our lives.

Hayden didn't want daddy to leave this time unless he made sure he went with him

I have started a Medical Transcription program that I LOVE! It's all at my own pace which is great. I am planning on being done in January. It will be so nice to be able to make some money but be able to stay home with Hayden. It's also a great option to have to always fall back on. When we get settled I want to finish up my 4 year degree in Special Education with a focus on Autism. But this is such a great stepping stone for our family. I am also seriously going to make a effort to get this baby chub off of me. I don't know whose chubbier sometimes me or Hayd. :) Honestly...It is seriously going to be so hard. I have a major sweet tooth, I love to bake and eat treats. All kinds. I also love to cook, but not all of it is always healthy. But I want to be healthier and feel better about myself. So exercise and self control here I come! Ill keep you posted on my progress. Any words of wisdom from anyone would be great!

I wish it wasn't so HECKA fafafafreeeezing outside so I could go on more walks with Hayden. I can't believe how cold it got all the sudden. I have been delusional thinking I'm going to be able to have a few more days to go to the park. ya...uh NO! So if anyone knows of some good outings for winter time, PLEASE, let me know. I really want to do a girl, mommy, kiddo luncheon date sometime, where anyone and everyone can come. I thought everyone could bring a snack or treat or food or something to the park and everyone could chat and visit and the kids could play, BUUUUT now its to cold for that. L-A-M-E!! So anyone else have any good ideas to help execute my plan?! I don't know about you but during the winter and cold months I HAVE to get out or I go nuts!

And as far as the SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT!!! I am making our blog private on Oct. 11th.  My other "believe in pink," blog will be up and going also within the week.  So with that being running and all the freaking WEIRDOS out there, I need to keep my family safe. I still have that post from forever ago with all your emails.  But if you want to make sure I have it post it again or look here at the old posts comments to see if your email is there, so you can stay up to date with the Hamilton Happenings :)
(and you better not have thought the "special announcement" was that I was pregnant...I have definitely not forgotten how awful pregnancy was and am NOT planning on being preggo again ANY time soon.  Ugh... I want to throw up just thinking about it all again...hopefully in 3 years I will have forgotten, feel bad for Hayden cause he will need a "friend," or just have lost my mind)

So that's a Hamilton update. :) Hope everyone is well and staying warm and toasty. Can't wait to hear and see everyone's fun Halloween and fall festivities!