Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Believe in Pink

First go here: http://believeinpinkblog.blogspot.com/

TA DA!! I know right?! It's about time :)  Its still a work in progress, so be patient and please help me out with it :)  Email me at believeinpinkblog@gmail.com if you have a sweet craft, recipe, thought, or anything you'd like to share.

Also, please check out the post below.  This one.  Next, admire my adorable son with appropriate "ahhs," and "he's so cute," at all the appropriate times.  Then make sure you read the "special announcement," part...which is about our blog going private.  I don't want just any Joe-Shmoe, Creeper Creeperson reading about my family and learning all about us. (because we are that interesting hahaha)  That privilege is for VIP's only :)  So make sure I have your email to add you.  Either add it in the post below, this one. Or check this post to see if you have given it to me once before.  Thanks everyone!


chournos said...

Hey I wanna keep up on your family so add me when you go private my email is chournos3@yahoo.com

Amy said...

I love the pictures you took! He is getting so big, and his smile is adorable! He looks like such a happy baby! I would love to keep checking in on you and your cute little family, my email is filegirl07@hotmail.com!

Brad and Rochelle said...


MaKenzie said...

Hey I would love to keep up with ya! I just found you, I'd hate to see you go! My e-mail is lvergrl_21@yahoo.com