Thursday, January 22, 2009

Things I've Learned

In the past couple of weeks I had no idea how much I would learn so fast! The mother in me has come out in full force. I’m so glad for my own mom who has helped me learn so much. I’m so grateful for Cory too who has helped me keep my sanity when being a mommy has been stressful and frustrating. Hayden is getting so big; it’s amazing how much they change in just a few days and weeks. I love that he knows who I am and knows my voice when I walk into the room. I love him tons.

**Things I've learned about mommy hood and Hayden: **

*Going out anywhere is like taking a weeklong trip to Disneyland. It takes preparation, planning and patience. There is a ton to pack: bottles, extra clothes, diapers and diapering accessorize, blankets, extra everything....And even after you think you've gotten everything ready to go....there is always something that happens right before you leave.
-A major spit up production
-A major poopy diaper
-A super fussy baby
-Realizing something smells like spit up and it’s me from the spit up that was shared with my shirt

*Hayden loves laying on my chest and cuddling.
-He loves when I stroke his cheek and down his nose. His eyes close and he usually drifts off to sleep.
*Hayden would eat and eat all day if I would let him. He is a good little eater. Bottle, nursing, formula...whatever. Im good at knowing his hunger signs vs his sleepy signs now though. I think he gets hunger confused with being over tired sometimes. I hope I can keep nursing him though, I don;t know if I'll be able to keep up. He isalready 10 lbs 10 oz!
*My personal hygiene is at the very, very bottom of the "to do" list. Gross, I know. But in between nursing every 2 hours, trying to sleep when he sleeps to get caught up on missed sleep the night before, changing diapers, etc.... There is no time until Cory comes home for back up. And by that time its 6 pm, so why do my hair and makeup at that point? And why really get dressed when I’ll be nursing just a few hours later?
*Hayden's tummy DOES NOT like it when mommy eats chocolate or to much dairy products. He gets a bunch of gas bubbles and it gives him a major tummy ache. I never wanted Chocolate or milk until I couldn't have it anymore! Bummer.
*Ridiculously hot showers have never been so amazing! That is my time to kinda relax and feel like a person other than a walking, talking cow. Cory comes home and then it’s in the shower I go. At least not all of my hygiene has gone out the window.

*Hayden loves to suck. His binky, his fist, my finger, a bottle, an arm, whatever...
*Hayden also doesn't mind bath time anymore. He screamed and cried the whole time the first couple of times. But, I think he actually likes it now.
*Nothing is better than a clean baby. That clean, baby smell is fabulous! Erin and I are going to figure out how to bottle it. :)

*Hayden makes the funniest little faces. He gets that from me. I am very expressive with my face and so is he. He smiles a lot when he sleeps too, it’s pretty cute. I can't wait til he can smile at me, and I know it's at me, for me, and on purpose.

*Hayden also makes the funniest little noise when all is right in his world. My mom calls it his "purr." When he has a full tummy, a clean diaper, swaddled up tight and is being held and rocked and cuddled he makes a noise that does sound like a purr. Hmmmmmm Hmmmmmmm Hmmmm....
*While the natural instincts of being a mom have come out. So have my mama bear instincts. I am so, so protective. Especially right now against germs. I’ve turned into a germaphobe. Hand sanitizer is my best friend. When we have gone out (which has only been twice) I am so paranoid about people or kids who might be sick.
*Hayden also hates, hates, HATES tummy time. If anyone has any suggestions to make it more tolerable let me know. He is good for the first 5 min but anything after that and he is done. I'm hoping he gets more, more, more use to it like bath time.

*As much as I get cabin fever, it's so, so hard for me to leave him. It's like a double edged sword. There are sometimes I just want to get away and take a break out of the house, even if its just for a few minutes but then the whole time I'm gone I am so worried about him. He's all I can think about.

My world now utterly revolves around him and I wouldn't have it any other way. I love him so much and I wouldn't have it any other way. He is such a sweet, funny, handsome and special little boy. I am so lucky to be his mom. I'm glad Heavenly Father trusts me and Cory enough to be his mommy and daddy. I love you Hayd!

Daddy's favorite outfit

This is a face I caught, I'm not quite sure what he was might have been before a sneeze

I love this little onesie

You can kinda se his little dimple in his chubby cheeks on the left side


Wifey said...

Oh man we're going to makes MILLIONS by bottling that smell. I kid you not- the baby smell makes my ovaries throb!

He looks so cute in those adorable onesies! Those two aunts who gave him those sure have great taste ;o)

Melanie and Jake said...

If you think it is hard to get out now, just wait till you have 2!!!

Jacob and Emily said...

What a handsome little baby boy you have.

Chaleese said...

You are such a great mommy! It is not easy that is for sure! But it looks like you have got it down now! :) That is exactly how I feel, I can't take a shower until Mitch gets home, and it is my favorite thing to do! It's my alone time! I am glad he is gaining weight, that is awesome! he seems like a great baby!

Devyn said...

He really is so adorable! And all the worries you had before he was born just go away don't they! I love the giddy up onsie. so cute! And tummy time.. just keep trying. and try to do it not with a full tummy or when he is hungry. and it's ok if he doesn't stay there long, he is still pretty young. you are doing great!!
I think the going places gets easier. You get used to it. I usually have most of the stuff i need already packed and ready to go. ya know?

Amy said...

He is so cute! It's crazy how quickly being a mom becomes so natural isn't it!

Jennifer @ Mom Spotted said...

He's adorable! I can tell you are in Mommy Love! When I had my first I wrote my mom this REALLY long letter about how much I loved her and realized the sacrifices she had made for me etc...I never really knew how she felt about it until a few years later when I went to her house looking for something when she wasn't home. I pulled open her drawer and saw the envelope I gave it to her in. When I opened it there were tear stains. I asked her about it and she said that letter really made her happy and helped her deal with things she had thought mattered more then they had.

Tyler and Camie said...

Wow he is so cute! You sound like your such a good mom I hope those instincts kick in for me when i have babies or i feel bad for my future children!

Brett and Megan said...

Man reading that post brought back so many memories of when I had Daven! Isn't being a mom the best and most tiring thing ever! I have not blogged for so long, so this was the first time I saw Hayden. He is adorable! Little boys are so precious. Good Luck! I hope you can get a lot of sleep:)

Jolynne said...

He is such a handsome little guy! He is growing fast! What a cute onesie he has on! ;)

Heidi said...

He is SO CUTE!!!! Look at you Mom, you're already a PRO!!!

Amy said...

Hey Megan, you didn't know I was married and I didn't know you had a baby! congrats, he is so cute.

:Brittany: said...

Hey Megan! How are you! It looks like you guys have been busy! You, Cory & Hayden are so cute! Its so good to hear from you! Congrats on your baby and your one year anniversary! :)

McFamily said...

I LOVE THAT POST! So Darling What a cute baby, aren't they blessings?

The Atkinsons said...

He is so perfect! i love all the pictures! and he makes byu look good! haha you are such a cute mom!

Lorianne Flint said...

Your comment about your personal hygiene just made me laugh because it's so true! I remember just not caring in the beginning because like you said, by the time the husband comes home, what's the point? Bedtime is just around the corner. Don't worry about it though--I still have days when I stay in my PJs all day!

Jennifer said...

I know what you mean about being a germ freak. Being a nurse made me crazy but then when he was born it was a different story!