Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Already? I might cry....

Hayden turned 6 months on June 28th and had his 6 month check up the next day.

I can’t believe it’s been 6 months already. It is so amazing how much they change and grow up. I am so pathetic; whenever I think about him growing up I totally want to cry. I always joke that he will get no older than 5 and will love me forever and never think I am un-cool or weird. I will always be amazing and almost magic. I will never be embarrassing, but the most hip, fun mom ever. He will never be old enough to have a girlfriend or grow up and move out. He will always adore my kisses that I constantly smother those chubby cheeks with. He will always want to cuddle, lay on my shoulder and give me big hugs....

But tragically I know that him not growing up unrealistic... which is sad but exciting.

Hayden is already learned so much. He is so smart.

He knows how to:
-sit up by himself
-sit up and hold toys, passing them from one hand to the other
-roll from back to tummy and tummy to back
-stand up while having his hands held(he has ALWAYS preferred standing to sitting or laying down. Laying down is no longer an option now that he can sit and stand with help.)
-he moves his feet up and down, in a walking motion while standing.(I seriously about passed out when he did that. If he starts walking before he crawls I’ll die. I am not ready for him to be mobile)
-He pushed up on all fours today for a few seconds.( I was so excited! He started laughing at me when I was praising him so much for his new trick.)
-He can turn himself all the way around in his activity jumperoo.

He is also:
-Curious about EVERYTHING!
-Everything goes right into his mouth and new things are studied meticulously.
-He started saying, "Ma, Ma, Ma." a little over a week ago. He says it all the time :)
-He loves cereal, and squash, and sweet potatoes.
-He just started carrots yesterday...he still isn’t sure about those yet.
-He loves to laugh!
-He loves to pull my hair.
-When I feed him at night he always rubs my thigh back and forth, or plays with my hair or cheek.
-He loves giving hugs right when he wakes up from naps. And he gives big slobbery kisses all the time :)

So my little man is growing up. I am so excited and proud of him. I am trying to cherish everyday with him before he does grow up and go to kindergarten and then one day high school, then leave me to go on a mission, and then finds some pretty girl to be with forever.

I love you bud! Thanks for always slobbering all over me with kisses and making me laugh every day. Love you forever!

Hayd's Stats:
Weight: 19 lbs 14 oz - 86%
Lenght: 27.25 inches - 80%
Head: 17.5" - 70%

Texas/Idaho Falls/Car Update:
Good News! The car is fixed!! One step closer to our goal!
Bad News: The grand total was $2108.17 OUCH!
........but at least we have it
Cory has about 4 weeks left in Texas, at least.
Its going by surprisingly fast. We are all surviving.
We will move to Idaho Falls as soon as Cory gets done.

Hope everyone had a great 4th of July. It was so fun seeing some of you at the West Point festivities :) Your kiddos are soooo cute.


Austin and Kristen Bennion said...

He looks just like his father!

Jacob and Emily said...

He looks so adorable in his cute little overalls. It's amazing how time flies by so fast after you have them. Then the 9 months seems to take forever.

Jennifer @ Mom Spotted said...

Isn't it depressing LOL! My baby turns THREE on Friday and my oldest one will be NINE this year. Heart breaking! If they could just stay small forever!

Chaleese said...

He is getting so big! Don't you love when they start sitting up all by themselves. It is so amazing how they grow, and learn new things. I am sad I did not see you at the West Point days. I was there too! Dang!

Jolynne said...

Crazy that he is six months already! He is a handsome little guy! I use picnik too! I just got photoshop also! I am excited to learn more about it, its so fun!

Jennifer said...

Oh wow! It's been a bit since I've checked your blog! Lots has's crazy how much change can happen in such a short time! You are strong to be without your hubby. I don't know what I'd do if mine were gone that long. Glad things are going well for you!

McFamily said...

All I can say is it goes by wayyyyy to fast, love every moment of it! By the way he is so dang cute!

Heidi said...

When I look at his pictures I giggle every time! He is SO DANG CUTE!!!! And side note, I love how you write - you're so witty and I love reading your blog. What a cute little family you've created :)

Necia and Joe Shumway said...

oh my gosh he is getting so big I can't believe it!!!!