Wednesday, September 30, 2009

boots giveaway and a little family update blurb

Head over heals has some suuuper cute boots.  They are doing a great giveaway right.  I want the, I need them.  I have a seriously shoe problem.... here is the link to the giveaway

I will be posting an update on our family and whats going on shortly.  Its been crazy.  Cory has a great new job and I feel so blessed that he was able to get such a great job with fabulous benefits and incentives when the economy is well.....crappy.  So now its real. Cory gets settled with his job.  Hes already started school.  We look for somewhere to rent.  Pack. Drive. Unpack. Breath. Ill be so glad when we can be together again.  Its been 4 months almost since we have been together, together...if that makes sense.  Cory has either been in Texas or Idaho.  Im glad this is almost all over.
I also started a Medical Transcription program that I am really excited about.  And Hayden is now 9 months as of Monday.  Weird.  He is so big, and so so busy.  I feel like I go 100mph sometimes.

Hope everyone is doing great!  Hayden and I are in Idaho Falls right now visiting Cory.  When we get back Ill do an update with some 9 month pictures.

Happy Fall!


Erin Darrington said...

Can't wait to hear the update and see your little studly man!

PS I thought you might appreciate the fact that the cord verification was "wigging" as in "I'm totally wigging out here people!!!!" have a good one!

Kami said...

yay for Idaho! :) Let me know if you need any help or want me to watch Hayden while you guys unpack. Where is Cory going to school? Is he going to ISU?

ERIN said...

Idaho will grow on you, don't worry! Good to hear things are starting to turn around for you. And thats so cool that you decided to do MT!

Jennifer @ Mom Spotted said...

Have fun! I have your email still I *promise* to email you soon! Life is insane right now Lol!

Jolynne said...

I am glad things are getting better for you! I don't know how you have gone for months without your hubby! Good luck with the move!