Sunday, December 13, 2009

Totally fell of the face of the Earth... but we're back

Ummm so sorry about my lack of blogging.  I was in a blogging funk, and we have been crazy busy.  Good news though.  We have completed the big move to Idaho. :)  It all worked out perfectly.  It's so so nice to have OUR place and that Hayden and I get to see Cory everyday.  We ended up in Rexburg,  I honestly don't love it there.  Like, at all.  I swore I would never live there, EVER.  But here we are, in our cute little apartment in Rexburg, Idaho.  We might attempt finding the house thing again in April or May when our contract ends.  There weren't any houses that we both felt 100% comfortable with, and then this apartment came up...and well, like I said it just worked out and felt right.  Rexburg is SOOOO COLD!  I went grocery shopping after Hayden had gone to bed, and it was -9 degrees!!!  It hurt to go outside.  It hurt to breathe, my skin stung.  Ridiculous.  It's also a super super small college-ish town.  Which is ok, but I am more of a bigger city girl.  It really makes me miss California.  I am praying we will have a good ward and we will find some friends.  That is the only thing that will keep my sanity, since we can't really go outside to play.

Hayden is doing really pretty well with the transition.  He is excited to walk(yes WALK! he started walking shortly after he turned 11 months), and explore our apartment.  But I think he misses all the attention from Grandma and Uncle Trav and Aunt Mandi.  It was like "the Hayden show," all the time.  So he is bummed I can't perform and play all the time.  But he is doing really well, he is such a big boy.  And is so so noisy, our poor neighbors above us.  They probably hate us.  Hayden talks SOO loud.  And will randomly scream and yell while he is playing and singing random things.  Also, since he isnt a great walker yet, he falls ALOT so he gets bumps and bruises here and there.  So he crys, ALOT.  Our poor poor neighbors. I should bring them cookies and ear plugs.  I cant believe he will be 1 year old, just 3 days after Christmas.  He is such a big boy and I am so proud of him.

Here are some pictures while I play catch up. Since HALLOWEEN!  Good grief... so sorry.  Now that we are settled I will do better. I really enjoy blogging.  It makes me feel more attached to the outside world, which is probably totally pathetic.  But it helps.  And its like my own personal and family blog.  SO enjoy these cute pictures of my cute cute family :)


Halloween was so fun.  We didn't really take Hayden trick or treating.  We went around and saw family members but not door to door. Because, One it was cold, and Two, I think it is so silly for babies to go trick or treating.  If they cant or walk to the door and someone has to carry them and eat their candy, they shouldn't go.  But it was really fun getting him all dressed up.  He was the most handsome cowboy :)

Thanksgiving was really fun. Hayden is finally eating solid foods. He wouldnt even eat bread for awhile. He has a super sensitive gag reflex and texture issues with food just like Cory. I didnt get any pictures cause I forgot my camera. I am such a lame-o mom.. who does that?! But here are some cute random pictures Ive taken since Ive been out of the blogging world.

Hayden loves loves LOOOVES the tub.  He has now discovered that he can put his face all the way in the water and blow bubbles.  He thinks its glorious.  And I am highly impressed.  I was at first highly disgusted because most of the time he pees in the tub.  But since I am TERRIFIED of water.  I dont want him to be afraid.  So I let him blow all the bubbles he wants, and try to keep the drinking of the bath water to a minimum. :) (anyone elses kid think its a blast to drink their bath water?)

 Un-doing the folding of the towels... lovely.  This is how packing was, un-doing everything that had been done.  He really is into putting everything in something, in a box, etc and then taking it out.  So unpacking has been fun.  He loves throwing out everything OUT of the box and putting a few things back in here and there.
 Ok... So this is how Hayden was sleeping when Cory and I went into wake him up to take him to Thanksgiving dinner.  I was cracking up.  I hurry and ran to grab the camera and the whole time he was out cold.
He always sleeps with his little bum way up in the air. (please note his onesie is buttoned up outside of his pants.  Before he went down for his nap Cory changed him and put his pants on before buttoning him up.  I told him to make sure to button his onesie up.  Silly me for thinking Cory would first take him pants off then button him up then put his pants on.)
 So funny.  I just love him.

 And now to the present day. :)  We made a trip back to Utah so I could help my sister with her foot surgery next week and it was my brother's 18th bday!(love you Trav! I can't believe you are an "adult" now.  I am so proud of you and love you tons!) And it has snowed and snowed and snowed.  Right as we walked out our apartment door to drive to Utah I ran back in to grab his snow clothes.  He liked the snow but it was cutting it really close to nap time so he was kinda grumpy.  But it was fun and I can't wait to take him out again.  He was so so cute all bundled up in his red snow coat and pants, mittens and beanie.  And Cory found some super cute rubber boots.  I love seeing his little face poke out of his big puffy coat hood. :)

You might see these pictures repeat in another post cause I didnt have time to edit them.  And I would one day like to make my blog into a book and the pictures wont come up if they are in slide show form.  We also had some family pictures done by my friend Shannon.  So stay tuned for those :)

Hope everyone is having a Happy Holiday season and staying warm!!


Jennifer said...

Megan! I've missed your cute posts! So glad everything is going well. I have to laugh because one, Granthony blows bubbles and drinks the bath water and two, Grant buttons Granthony's onesies on the outside of his pants too! Stay warm up there!

Jacob and Emily said...

Glad you finally had time to update your blog. Your son is growing up so fast. Hope you are enjoying your new home.

joni said...

Yay, a new post!! Glad to hear your move went well and Hayden is doing so good!!

Kerianne said...

I have missed your blogging too... Always cracks me up! Glad you made it safe and sound. Cuddle up on those freezing nights with your boys and some cocoa!

Wifey said...

It's SO good to FINALLY see Cory back in pictures! Sure missed seeing that guy. :o)

Jennifer and Jeff said...

Your baby boy is soo cute!!! Enjoy that fun snow!! So jealous!

Michelle said...

Your little family is so cute!! Rexburg, huh? Let the Idaho adventure begin! :D

Melanie and Jake said...

I lived and went to school in Rexburg. The winter is terrible- there is nothing like walking to class on a -10 degree day... but I think you'll like it there.

Devyn said...

I'm sorry I haven't commented on your blog in a while. I forget to look, and I forget yours is private... grr. I will fix that problem soon :) Glad you guys are all together and all settled! Hayden is a doll. Yes, Jaxon tries to drink the bath water.. hate it. I'm impressed that he blows bubbles in the water! That is awesome! You should take him to a swimming class. Maybe it would help you and him :)

McFamily said...

I'm glad you had time to do an update! LOL I had to laugh at the picture of Hayden in his bed with the onsie over the pants, I think most hubbies would have done the same. Your family is just so cute!

And our three boys... said...

Meg, you are so cute. I'm sorry it's been rough for you, but I hope it turns out to be such a good experience. Hayden is a doll. Don't wait forever to update again! It's fun to keep in touch with what's going on in your life, even though you're far away (ok, not THAT far). Hope things get better quick!