Thursday, January 21, 2010

Our little man turned 1!

My baby turned 1!  I still can't believe it... he is so big and independent now.  He knows he's big but thinks he is bigger than he is at the same time :) Anything he sees mommy and daddy do he tries to do as well.  He is finally eating really table food! (thank goodness, I thought the boy was gonna start kindergarten drink his lunch from a straw)  He loves pretty much any cereal, noodles, cheese, cheese, and more cheese, bananas, peaches, mandarin oranges, pears, black beans....and sometimes other veggies.  As long as he eats his carrots, green beans, peas etc off a fork, he will eat it.  Im not sure why it's different off a fork.... silly boy.

He thinks its the most hilarious thing ever to come around the corner screaming at the top of his lungs to scary mommy and daddy, then tackle them to the floor. (it is pretty funny)  He loves watching the cars outside and scaring them too.  He loves to read.  He will grab a book and climb into mine or Cory's lap to read.  He is so smart, to smart for his own good.  He knows how to sign, "please," and "all done."

Cory and I love him more than anything and are so blessed to be his parents.

Cory and I just had a little party just the 3 of us. :)  It was fun to be with our little boy together.

Opening one of my presents from Mommy and Daddy

Getting ready to blow out my candle!

Hayden wasn't sure what to do with this thing...

He wasnt really excited about having it on his hands.. haha.. it was pretty funny.

So daddy helped him get a little dirty...

He ate a few bites here and there, but then was done...

The "pupcakes" I made for our little party :)

That weekend we were able to go to my moms to celebrate his birthday and New Years.

These are pictures from Hayden's birthday at grandma's :)

Now I can shoot hoops like Uncle Trav!

I love my new puppy pillow pet!

"Thanks Grandma, Mandi and Travis for my birthday presents! I love you so much!"

The birthday cake I made for our bigger party :)
Its just like his little puppy...



I think he liked it hahaha...

"What?  Is there something on my face?"

"This chocolate stuff is good."

"Are you sure you don't want some of this?"

"Great...more for me"

"Wow... Mom..Dad... you've been holding out on some really yummy stuff!"

All gone :)

(Our Christmas post is below)


Jacob and Emily said...

Love the cake. Very CUTE!

Jolynne said...

Cute Meg! Great job on the puppy cakes! and Happy anniversary too! :)

Devyn said...

I am in love with those pupcakes! One of the most adorable ideas ever! Bitter sweet, the babies growing up huh! He is such a cutie. You are a great mommy!!

Amy said...

Love the pupcakes! They turned out so cute! He is such a stud!

Chaleese said...

I love the pupcakes and the cake! You are so talented! I love it! Your little man is so darling! What a cute boy. I hope he is feeling better, I am glad his surgery went well!!

Unknown said...

That cake is so cute! It's amazing how fast they grow up! Such a sweet boy! His eyes kill me everytime, so beautiful!

Michelle said...

So cute!! I love all of your pictures! He is the cutest little boy! I love his big blue eyes! :)

David and Camillia said...

He is so cute! Its seems crazy he is already 1! Also I have a question how did you get those cute fonts on your blog post? They are super cute and I want to do that to my blog. :) THANKS!