Monday, March 14, 2011

Plant Pals

Did anyone notice I wrote like 8 blog posts a few days ago?!  That has got to be a serious record.. just saying. At least for me anyway. It is so so nice to be caught up :) 

Spring is well on its lovely way, and I am welcoming it with open arms.  I’m ready to get out! Has anyone else had major cabin fever? Yuck! I’m ready for play dates outside, the park, lots of walks, sunshine and lovely pink and white tree blossoms(Even if they do make my nose run and my eyes water. Thanks allergy meds in advance. You’re the best. Love, Me).  Bring on spring baby! It's going to be in the high 70's low 80's this week.  We bought Hayden the CUTEST swim suit ever so maybe we will go swimming tomorrow :)

To get ready for Spring I found THIS wonderful craft to do with Hayden.  Thanks Family Fun… I {heart} you!  I’m your #1 fan… Can I just tell you how amazingly, awesome and fun this little project was! Plus it was a great teaching time!  I love when learning happens and he doesn’t even realize it because we are having so much fun.  Makes me feel like supermom… and I may or may not have my own theme music, just saying.
We worked on our plant pals on 2 different days.  First, we started making our new “pals” faces.  I helped him color and draw their faces.  We talked about our different facial features.  Like his gloriously big, blue eyes, long eyelashes and ridiculously cute dimple…yes I’m in love :)  We also talked about different faces we can make. He of course wanted an “angry/mean” face? ...crazy boy.  We made one with big lips, one pal has ears…it was a good time. 

Showing me where his eyes are :) he is telling me to draw lips. :) lovely...
Our "pals" waiting to be filled :)

After, we colored our hearts out, I cut them out.  Then we reviewed where the pieces go on our face and where they go on the cup and glued those puppies on. 

A few days later we finished our “pals” for family home evening.

Poor Hayden, he had no idea what to do with him self when we said it was OK for him to dig around in the dirt with his hands.  He put one little finger in and then a fist because he was so worried about getting dirty.  What boy doesn’t want to get dirty?! …oh mine, *sigh* I think I’m passing my OCD fears of germs and dirt, darn it! So this was a great tactile craft as well and just let him be a boy!  Once he got the hang of grabbing handfuls of dirt and packing them into the cup he was in LOVE!

I adore his face in this picture! I wish it wasnt so stinkin blurry!
He was so proud of his dirty hands :)

Watering them was one of the best parts!

Ta Da! All done :) (please note that that is a 2T shirt which is TOO small! He JUST turned 2.. seriously?!  He is so tall and skinny.. we just bought him new 3T clothes this weekend.  I cant believe he is so big!)
He is talking to the dogs in this picture... lovely :)
The finished product! ...well kinda.. til they start growing. :)

We have been checking them everyday and watering them.  Hayden LOVES watering them every morning. They are slowly growing and Hayden is pretty excited about them.  And why shouldn’t he be?! How cute are they? Name suggestions anyone? I’m thinking Shaquonda, Oscar, Bob, Carl, and Nermal(ya know, like from Garfield?)

Once our pals “hair” get long enough we will tie them up with ribbon like on family fun.   

PS. I am working on something pretty fantastic with some friends here.  That I am really, ridiculously excited about.  Im going to be famous... just saying :) So those of you who still read my blog(hi mom! :) ) now have the "in" of something up and coming. Youre welcome!

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Chaleese said...

Okay, so your blog is so darling! Are you serious? You rock! Your little guy is so so cute! I am so happy you are back in the blogging world!! :D I'm excited to find out what you are working on!!!