Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Packages, and Pictures!

I ordered some things from Old Navy Online Maternity. They were having a sweet 40% off sale so I bought some pants, a dress, and a sweater. I was sooo excited for them to come! I haven't bought clothes or anything really just for me in a long time. I always almost get something, but then guilt myself out of it when I convert however much the item is I want into formula, diapers, etc. But my belly is out there now, and nothing fits so bring on the maternity clothes. I knew my special package was coming yesterday, and I waited all day till it came. I didn't want to leave in case I missed the UPS man. I thought I heard the truck 3 or 4 times and I'd race up the stairs as fast as my wobbly body would let me and open the door to find... nothing. But finally it came, I was so excited to open it and see all my new things! I ripped into that box like a kid on Christmas morning. Just about everything fit and was SOO much more comfy except this one pair of pants, I was so paranoid nothing would fit and all my hopes for this package would be crushed. If anything most of the things were a tad big, but the belly is still growing so I'm sure they will be perfect soon. I wish I could have a package come to me every day! It totally made my day yesterday. Now that I know how things fit from there, I can’t wait to order a few more tops to get me through these next 4 months.

We get the keys to our house this weekend. I’m so glad we can finally be settled somewhere. Friday night after we get our keys, Cory and I are driving up to Idaho to visit his parents and go to his cousin's sealing in the new Twin Falls temple. It will be nice to see his family and visit with everyone for the weekend.

I love looking at old pictures of when Cory and I were little. And I always try and picture what our little Hayden will look like. Here are some of my favorite pictures of Cory and I back in the day. I think we were pretty cute kids and I think Hayden will be pretty darn cute too.
(the "thing" on my head is a birthmark. I think it's called a hemangioma. I was able to have it removed right before I went to kindergarten)


Devyn said...

cute pictures, you were pretty darn cute kids! i think hayden is going to be adorable! yes yes maternity clothes are a life saver! and you need to pamper yourself while you still can!!!!! dont feel guilty, just do it!

Wifey said...

Oh I remember some of these pictures from the slide show at your wedding!!! Don't you love seeing baby pictures of your husband? It makes me speechless and just awe-struck to see baby pics of Devin... I don't know why. It definitely makes me baby hungry!

Nate and Sarah said...

Hahaha those were fun to look at! Your baby is going to be so cute.

Unknown said...

Hayden is going to be way cute! I loved my maternity clothes too. They are awesome!

Erin Darrington said...

Fun pictures! I am still putting in a request to see your cute pregnant self! Maternity clothes have been great. I have 4 shirts. I hate that pants come in S M & L when was the last time you ordered a pair of jeans in one of those sizes? It was also hard to find pants long enough, but I ordered some off line today and I am really crossing my fingers that they fit. Getting packages is awesome, I'm glad I'm not the only one who peeks out the window each day when I'm expecting a package :o).