Thursday, October 2, 2008

Tag I'm it and way to much embarassing info about me...

I saw this little tag on Sarah's profile and then I was tagged by J. leigh designz. I think it is so fun, even though you will probably know way to much about me at the end...

1. Link to the person who tagged you.
2. Post the rules on your blog.
3. Write 6 random things about yourself.
4. Tag more or less 6 people at the end of your post.
5. Let each person know he or she has been tagged.
6. Let the tagger know when your entry is up.

Ok so, my first random things.

1. I love, love sauces. Especially A1... I'm not sure why I love it so much. But I can eat it on almost any kind of meat not just steak... hamburgers, pork, turkey, chicken whatever. If there is some left over on my plate I will eat it plain. Weird? Possibly. Gross? Probably. But still, I love drowning all my food in sauces if it's available, Arby’s sauce, Taco Bell's sauce, seriously anything. And another thing that I do with my food that almost everyone thinks is totally weird. I love grilled cheese sandwiches A LOT! And the only way I can eat it is after I grill it I put Miracle Whip on the top of the bread. (Miracle Whip is kinda a sauce right?) I got the strangest looks from my roommates and my husband the first time I made my grilled cheese. They think it is disgusting, I say MMMM MMM!!! Everyone, it is a must try.

2. I am only 22 and have had more surgeries then most. My first one was right before kindergarten to have tubes put in my ears, tonsils and adenoids out, and the hemangioma birthmark removed on my forehead.(it's like a birthmark filled with blood, I have a sweet Harry Potter-ish scar from it, but no one can really tell unless you look hard.) Then second, tubes came out and a second set went in... Third, tubes came out but one ear drum didn't heal right so I have another big scar behind my right ear where they had to cut it open, lay it over to fix the ear drum. My hearing is still pretty good now thank goodness. Fourth, when I was a junior in high school I had a cyst rupture and leave a hole in my ovary so they had to go in and fix that. Fifth, I had to have my appendix and gall bladder removed my senior year. Don't worry people, I'm healthy now! Hopefully my last surgery-ish things will be when I have my babies.

3. When I was little I loved MacGyver!! I don't know if it is long, shaggy, sweet mullet, or his crafty, resourcefulness. Who else can make a bomb or an escape utensil with a toilet paper roll, toothpick, paper clip and a pencil? When you’re in a bind ask yourself, "What would MacGyver do?" My imaginary friend Dorothy and her cat (she is Dorothy from the Wizard of OZ, yes she had a dog, but mine had a cat. Dogs were apparently scary) and I would go out to my swing set with a ball of string and make all sorts of awesome MacGyver contraptions.

4. I'm pretty accident prone. I have a couple scars on my legs from shaving. I have cut myself SO bad a few times I have left big gouges in my leg and they bleed forever. Everyone will be proud to know that I haven't cut myself in a long, long time. But, just last year I dropped a hot iron, and it fell on my leg. Definitely a yucky burn and a nice little scar. I've been this accident prone all my life. I fell so many times on my awesome Barbie bike. It wasn't unusual for my knees and arms and face to be all scabbed up. I went into the dentist many times because of bike crashes. I was eventually made to not only wear a helmet when riding my bike, but knee and elbow pads and.... a mouth guard. Yes people, like a football player’s mouth guard. I can only imagine what people thought when they saw me pedaling down the street. When I was a junior I had a guy I was dating shoot me in the leg with a pellet gun (it was an accident, but of course that’s something random that would happen to me.) It has left a nice little circular scar on my leg. That's another story for another day though. Needless to say, I am always running into something, or dropping things.

5. I hate, hate swimming! It's not the whole getting in a swim suit thing, which I don't like at all either. But it's the water thing that happens to come with swimming.... I don't like putting my head under water. I hate how it feels. I think with all the issues I had with my ears when I was younger is why I hate it. With all the sets of tubes and things with my ears I was always told to not get my ears wet. I had sweet bright orange ear plugs that were specially made for my ears that I had to wear when I would swim. I HATED them! So I would rather not swim then wear those bright orange monsters. I do know how to swim though. I have a good mom who no matter how much I hated it, would make me take swimming lessons every summer. So if I am in a life or death situation I do know how to swim.

6. I don't know what it is about cell phones. I always ruin them! I got a new cell phone for my birthday because my old one was freaking out. I hadn't even had my phone a month and I bumped it off the couch into a cup of water! I don't know how it happened! The cup wasn't even really close to my phone. The stupid cup was like a magnet and pulled it diagonally when it fell off the couch and into it. And it wasn't a big cup either, but it fell perfectly right in the middle of it. PLOP! So luckily I had insurance on it, and I get my new phone... and like 2 months later.... PLOP!!!!!!! It happened again! I could have died! I don't know what the deal is. So I used my last insurance claim for the year. My mom joked that I couldn't hold her grandbaby by large bodies of water. Now I am super, super careful where I put the dumb phone. A cup of water comes nowhere near it.

Ok, now that you know way to much embarrassing things about me... I tag Erin, Devyn, Erina, Joni, Tristen, Amy, and Brittany


Matt and Jackie said...

I never new that you liked MacGyver. That is funny!

Shannon Masayo said...

hahaha i loved this. was so fun to read about. i love swimming i could live in the water. And surgeries! me too! I have had 6 in the past 6 years. ridiculous huh? and accident prone me too. it is kinda funny and really frustrating eh? you are so cute. and i always liked the scar on your forehead, it isn't noticable, but i pay attention to detail.

Erin Darrington said...

1. I once inadvertently sprayed a girl on an opposing team at a swim meet in the side of the head with my knee puss from an injury. Luckily, she thought something had dripped on her from the ceiling. Gross and embarrassing, but true!
2. My all time favorite job was working at a Corn Maize! So much fun. I got paid to play with the boys (my best friends), ride 4 wheelers, get muddy and give little kids a bad time when I worked in the concession stand. I especially liked to torment 10-13 year old boys by playing Hanson's MMM Bop, and N*Sync when they came to the stand... ahh, priceless.
3. As a 2nd grader I was running on the black top and I tripped on a patch of sand and skid on my eye for a yard or two. it completely tore up my left eye area (luckily my eye had closed). The school nurse cleaned me up an I had to wear a fatty band-aid on my eye for a week or two. Amazingly I don't have any scars from it (thank goodness).
4. I loved Full House as a kid and I still do. While in Rexburg I made sure I went to the student gym to walk on the treadmill for the hour that they showed Full House on one of the station. Gotta love corny sitcoms. I also love Boy Meets World,it's even more funny to watch old episodes now than it was when I was little.
5. I really truly LOVE Boise. While at school in Rexburg, I got home sick, but not for my family - for my town! I use to speak to jacob about Boise and he thought I was romanticizing it. But he came here and he's fallen in love too. I hope we never have to leave, it's our kinda town.
6. I hate chicken that tastes like chicken. BLECK! It has to me smothered in some kind of sauce or one of those rotisserie chickens. If I can taste the meat I won't eat it, I'll pick out all the little pieces of chicken in a chicken fettuccine if I have to. So I like chicken, as long as it doesn't taste like chicken... weird, but true.

Hope that's what you were wanting! These will make good conversation pieces for us on Friday/Saturday. I am so excited to see you! I'd better go start packing we're leaving in T minus 5 hours. I'll see you soon!

PS on the crib teething bumper you showed me, if you figure out a way to make one, I'd rather pay you to make it that someone else. So if you are interested let me know, it will give you another something to occupy your time while you are in quarantine. :o) See you soon!

The Dixon Family! said...

Megan... I have a confession.. we are the same people! LOL When I was reading your things it was like reading about myself.. Creepy! haha I guess we could be twins separated at birth... ;) jk Who would have known we have so much in common?? Guess we do need to meet up with you guys and have dinner soon!!

Devyn said...

i have now been tagged by you and my friend jenessa on this very same tag.. so i guess i better jump on it and do it!! huh!! and the grilled cheese thing is weird.. but my husband does that same thing. and now.. I do it, but with mayo not miracle whip. im mayo, my hunny is miracle. i will try and come up with 6 things.

Chaleese said...

You are so cute! I always have random crazy things happen to me too. I wont go into detail, just know you are not alone :)

Jennifer @ Mom Spotted said...

Ha! I'm very accident prone with phones as well! I have once spilt apple juice on it and then thought I could wash it off under water???hello??? I have dropped one in my bowl of cereal while trying to multi task...I have ran them over left them outside in the rain....I should invest in insurance LOL!

Wifey said...

I was laughing SO hard when I found that picture on my camera yesterday... so I had to post it!!!

Wifey said...

PS: regarding the sexually active question... my doctor ALWAYS, ALWAYS, ALWAYS asks me that question. No matter what. I understand why he asks it. However, there was a time when I was in his office like, seriously, once a week for a few weeks. And he asked me everytime even though he already knew the answer. Emily and I have the same doctor so the first question out of her mouth when I tell her I saw him is, "So how many times did he ask if you were sexually active this time??" It's really funny.

joni said...

I LOVE A1 sauce too! Probably not as much as you though! I've only had it on steak but I think I'll try it on other things.. and the cell phone thing, totally happens to me too. I always end up dropping mine on the cement or asphalt, and I dropped one in the toilet at work. That was nice.