Wednesday, March 4, 2009

More to come...

Super Busy.

I'm exhausted.

Hayden is still sick! I suck out so many boogers, I can't wait til he's better!

I have cabin fever.. BAD!!! I. Need. To. Get. Out.

Hayden is 2 months now, so weird. And Im pretty sure he is the cutest baby ever.

His blessing was Sunday, it was a great day. Pictures to come. He pooed up his back after church in his white outfit! Total bummer! Totally yucky! Saved the outfit.

Anyone decided about the massage thing(read post below) She says ages 3 wks to crawling is the best ages and Tuesday, Thursdays or Saturdays are best for her... any takers?

I can't wait for the weekend and I can't wait til its warmer so I can go on walks with Hayden and Get. Out. Of. The. House!!!

Next post will be all about Hayden's special blessing day! He was soo handsome.

2 Months!!!

(he was so excited, I couldn't get him to stop waving his arms
and kicking his legs everywhere)

I love this picture

The sweet outfit Uncle Trav gave Hayd for
Christmas. It's pretty funny.
Do Work!


Devyn said...

oh my goodness he is so cute! i can't stand it! and that jordan outfit is hilarious! i love it! sorry again for so many comments on your status on facebook!

Heidi said...

Those pictures are SO CUTE! He has the cutest smile!! What a stud muffin!

Jacob and Emily said...

Megan, you are right you do have adorable little baby boy. I love the outfit that your bother put him in.

Unknown said...

I love that smileing picture! He is so handsome, that sucks about the poop on the blessing outfit, oh well it happens. I can't wait to hear about the blessing!

joni said...

ha ha I love that outfit! So funny! He IS super adorable. Those are way cute pictures. I can't wait to see the ones from his blessing! Oh and I wish I could do the baby massage! I was interested in it when Kennedi was little but never did it. Go for it!

David and Camillia said...

Those pictures are so cute! He is getting so big! How fun! I hope he gets better soon.

Chaleese said...

He is dang cute! Love the outfit. Sorry he is still sick :( I am waiting for it to get warmer too. I am sorry you are stuck in side all day. I know how you feel ;)

Kami said...

Megan! He is the cutest little guy! I love those pics you took. He's getting big!

Jolynne said...

Love the outfit, That is too funny! What a cutie! I can't believe it's already been 2 months, really? I am glad to hear the blessing went well! I can't wait for pics!

Jennifer said...

I totally understand the cabin fever can be hard and lonely! I'm up for a playdate whenever! Thanks for the advice about the pillow...a rolled up blanket works great too. Hang in there spring is coming!

Jennifer @ Mom Spotted said...

Aww, he's darling! I love the 4thone down!