Monday, April 20, 2009

aaaannnddd we're back

I say day after day, "I'll blog tomorrow," or "I'll blog as soon as Hayden goes down for a nap again." But days and days go by and I still don't blog, even though I have tons to blog about. I have just been so busy! Hayden is getting so big and fun. He cracks me up; he has the funniest little personality. But right now it's 11:40 PM! PM people! This is way past my bedtime... how pathetic right? I’m so old... I am so tired. All. The. Time. I don't know what the deal is, no matter how much or how often I sleep I am always pooped. But I took this opportunity to blog while I’m waiting for Hayden’s laundry. I swear we went through 20 burp clothes just today! I do so much laundry these days….
Sooooo... Since it is past my bedtime this will be a quick post of a few things that have been going on, and things to come later... so stay tuned because there will be lots of fun posts the next few days.....

Date Night!!

I have the sweetest husband. Cory and I went out on a double date with our really good friends Taylor and Laurin. Thanks so, so much to my mom who watched Hayden so we could go to a dinner AND a MOVIE! She even bathed him and got him to bed. It was so nice to get out. Thanks mom! Love you. We had so much fun with our friends; I haven't laughed that hard in a long, long time. We met up at The Gateway and ate at The Counter. It was seriously THE BEST burger I have ever had, EVER! You build your own burger... you pick the meat, the cheese, the toppings, the sides, the sauces... E.V.E.R.Y.T.H.I.N.G. It’s pretty fabulous. Everyone needs to check it out! I’ll go with ya ;)

After dinner we saw Monsters -vs-Aliens in 3D! It was such a cute movie and was so, so funny. I loved it. If your in the mood for a movie, that would be a fun one to see :)

These are the gorgeous flowers Cory got me before our date. He surprised me and came home to grab some lunch and brought these with him…

Awww so sweet right? Love you Cor! Sorry to be so sappy…. Carrying on now…

Game Night!!!

Games have been a big deal at our house recently... Card games, outside games, board games... whatever... its really fun. This night we were playing Phase 10 and Hayd got in on the action on Uncle Trav's team!

"What? Don't look at our cards!"

"Hmmmm...What to do.."

"Play this one!"

Hayden has been grabbing everything and ANYTHING he can and then puts it straight into his mouth. He randomly grabs grandma's arm and shoved it in his mouth and started sucking away... Right now his favorite is his thumb and fingers

Our Growing Little Guy

Hayden will be 4 months in about a week! Its so weird how fast it has all gone. I love being his mom.

Ok... so how freaking cute are these pj's? He has dragon feet :)

Blue Eyes(I wish you could really see in this picture how blue they are.... I'm not a very good photographer...)

First day outside! YAY for nice Spring weather!

Our new toy from the Easter Bunny. Hayden LOVES it! There are cute fish for him to grab and a ball that he can kick. Everything makes noise and he has so much fun. He played so hard he fell right to sleep :)

He also LOVES his Bumbo... I think it makes him feel big like everyone else. He loves seeing what everyone else is doing and being a part of the action

Ok, Uncle Trav... These are just for you. Close ups of the "sweet" outfit you got him :) If only he had some Velor sweats. ha ha ha

Posts To Come:
-Obsessions -Croquet and Badminton -The Taboo!!! -4 month check up!
Did you know that there are 5 developmental disorders that fall under the autism spectrum ? They are Autism, Aspergers, PDD-NOS, Childhood Disentegrative Disorder and Rett Syndrome. Each of these have their own diagnostic criteria with varying degrees of impairment in communication and social abilities. If you want to see the diagnostic criteria, click here.


Anonymous said...

Hayden is so cute and ADORABLE!! He's gotten so big already!! You guys are such a cute little family! :-)

Devyn said...

oh you do have a great husband! i need to see that show! and i love a good burger! never been there. hayden is getting so big, i can't believe it! and he is so so freaking cute. i just want to love on him! we have that same floor toy at my moms. so cute! and about the tired thing.. maybe you are preg again. ha ha jk. hopefully not huh.

Jacob and Emily said...

He's so adorable! He's growing up so fast.

Wifey said...

I love the picture with Uncle Trav! So adorable!

Chaleese said...

You have such a sweet husband! He is so cute to you! Hayden is getting so big! He is darling. All I am going to say about the whole being tired thing, is that no matter how much sleep you get you will always feel exhausted! :) That is just kids. Wait until you have 2 :)

Jennifer said...

Love his bumbo!! He's getting so big!!

joni said...

Ah I thought I had commented on this post! Sorry... thanks for -your- comments! You're too sweet!! And I can't believe my lettuce wrap recipe is actually simpler than the one you have! Nate and I saw The Counter when it wasn't open yet and have wanted to go ever since, it sounds like fun! And we still need to go see that movie.
I'm sorry you're so tired! All I can say is I'm still adjusting somewhat! I'm sure it will for you. But then you know once you get used to it, it will be time for another and we'll be starting all over again!
Sigh. Life! :)