Saturday, April 4, 2009

Counting by 3's and Advice Wanted...


Three jobs I have had:
1- Gymnastics Teacher
2- The Buckle
3- Clovis Unified School District as a Special Ed Aide

Three places I have lived:
1- West Point, UT
2- Clovis, CA
3- Austin, TX

Three shows that I watch:
1- America's Next Top Model
2- Office
3- One Tree Hill(Dont judge me! :) )

Three places I have been:
1- Disneyland!!
2- Sea World in San Antonio TX
3- Six Flags

Three places I have been this week:
1- Church
2- My house
3- My Aunt Terri's with the girls while th guys were at priesthood meeting
(Boring right? Ya I know....this terribly, awful "spring" weather is kicking my butt. I need to get out more often with Hayden. I go nuts. Any suggestions? Any one want to do lunch or something, anything?!)

Three places I'd rather be right now:
1- With Erin and Emily in CA hangin out like old times...
2- Vacation with Cory and Hayden... somewhere warm.. tropical maybe
3- Shopping with my old pre preggo body and a gift card with thousands of dollars! Mwahhhaahaa

Three people I'm tagging:
1- Whoever
2- Wants
3- Too :)


Hayden is finally starting to notice toys and other objects that capture his attention. It's glorious! It gives me at least a 2 min break from making ridiculous noises and faces and singing the ABC's, Old MacDonald, and other misc. kid’s songs. But 2 minutes goes by fast and Hayden demands my attention, like shaking rattles or pretend keys right in front of his face. So I was thinking about getting an activity mat or a saucer or walker or something. I was just going to go with an activity mat by Baby Einstein, but it will only be a little while til he’s sitting up and crawling. So I doubt he will just want to sit and look up at the hanging toys when he can be on the move! But is it worth my sanity till then? Or would it be better to get a walker or saucer or something like that? Opinions? Advice? I'm open to any suggestions. I have got to get something he will like to play independently with. It’s been a struggle even eating in a day, let alone getting ready or showering (we won't even go into shaving my legs. Even if I do have time to shower, there is definitely no time to shave. And if I were to hurry I'd for sure cut myself. Sorry if you’re all totally grossed out now). So I have got to find something! Let me know what all you fabulous women think out there! I need help! I am so indecisive.

Happy Conference Weekend!

Autism Fact:
April is
autism awareness month bringing attention to the fastest growing disability in the United States affecting one in 150 children. In Utah it affects one in 133 children. The rate is approximately 20 times higher than the rate researchers found in Utah in the mid 1980's. Autism is more prevalent among boys. While the general population stats are 1/150 the rate is much higher for boys. For boys it is 1 in every 94.


The Dixon Family! said...

Welcome to the world of motherhood and the one shaved leg! Haha! Every baby is different, so you really never know, but my kids really liked the hangy toy gyms. Fisher price has one that turns into 3 different stages, a hangy thing, a tummy time mat and a tunnel that they can crawl through. My girls really liked it. For when he gets a little bigger, exersaucers and the Fisher Price jumperoo were my only sanity! Good luck! Maybe try a vibrating bouncer chair that has a toy bar too?

Heidi said...

haha I love One Tree Hill!

Chaleese said...

I love One Tree Hill too! :) I had a saucer for Parker and it really saved my life, I put him in it when I would shower. I would set him in there and turn on a Baby Einstein movie and he loved it! :) With 2 kids that is a different story :) No with Payson I just put him in the saucer in the bathroom with me. I know all kids are different...but I hope that helps!

Bry n Dani Family said...

I agree with your friends. Every child is different! My kids loved the saucer I have. If you are not opposed to buying used and washing it-that is a way of getting more toys for the same amount you would spend on one toy. Also, borrowing from a friend whose child is not in that phase of life helps too. I have an activity saucer you could borrow, but you'd have to come get it as I don't go that way often and my hubby is out of town. My kids also really LOVED the johnny jumpers. Another way of finding out a little what he might like is to borrow a toy from a friend for a few days to see what interests him best and then you might know where you want to spend your money. Good luck!! And I'm serious about you borrowing the saucer!

Bryan and Hollee said...

Sorry I'm no help with the baby situation, but I can offer some help with wicked tickets. I was looking for taylor swift tickets and someone told me to look on KSL. I didn't look but I wonder if you can find some there! :) If not We will try the purse thing!!!! And your baby is so so cute! I love how happy he is!

Unknown said...

We got Nixon a bouncy toy, and he loved it but only for like ten minutes at a time. We also had an activity mat that he liked for a little while but grew up too fast for it, but loved the hanging toys. He still demands so much attention! Good luck!

Jennifer said...

I think what works for me is carrying Granthony in my sling....I feel like it's not the attention he wants but just wants to be with me and not feel alone. The sling lets me get things done. As far as time for yourself in the shower....crying for 10 min won't hurt as long as he's in a safe place....I hope that doesn't make me sound like a bad mom but you gotta do what you gotta do!

Sarah J. said...

Hey, I will try to get a post up about autism this week. Thank you SO much for reminding me about autism awareness month!

Devyn said...

I watch One Tree Hill too. I don't know why, but I love it. Abby really loved her floor gym with the hanging toys.. IT SAVED ME! Totally. And she also will sit in her excersaucer too. BUT the toy she loves the most is the one my mom has.. its a jumping seat toy. Its a rainforest theme.. it's like a saucer in the fact that they can swivel around and play with the toys around them but they can also jump. She will play forever in it! And it's ok to let them cry while you shower.. hard I KNOW. Now I just shower after they go to bed at night.. or if Scott is home. ya know.