Friday, August 22, 2008

Baby Burrito???

Recently, I've heard of this thing called the baby burrito... Since I'm going to be a mommy soon, I've been looking into anything and everything that would possibly give any aide to me and my husband being first time parents. I've heard of swaddling your baby pretty tightly to make them feel more secure and have it feel more "womb like." But, my cousin recently told me about a website that gives more information about this "baby burrito" and other suggestions to help your baby sleep better through the night. This is one of her things she has loved with her newborn. You can order the baby burrito blanket and it comes with a DVD that is very helpful. The website also has great tips for helping your newborn or toddler sleep. I'm excited to try it out and I've heard great things about it from everyone that has used it. Anything that's going to get me even that extra 30 min of sleep I'm totally game.

You can click on the website and check it out. Let me know what you think and if there is any other baby/toddler or crafty something website you love! :)

My last doctor's appointment in Austin is in 3 days!!!! I'm so excited! First, because we get to see our little baby in my tummy. Second, we find out if we are having a boy or a girl... FINALLY! I've been dying to know forever. We did the whole “string test," dangling a string with my husbands ring on it. If it goes in a circle it’s a boy, back and forth it’s a girl. The string test said girl, and a lot of the other old wives tales have come out girl... but, those are anything but accurate and I don't really believe them. As long as a happy, healthy baby and I survive labor I will be more than happy! And third, that means only 2 more weeks till we get to go back to Utah! I'm sad to leave my doctor here; I really, really liked him. Hopefully my new Doc will be just as good.


Unknown said...

Yeah its so true about the whole swaddling thing. Mine will hush right up after he is wrapped tight. Just make sure you get the arms down too!

Shannon Masayo said...

the arms are a must haha. who is going to be your new doc? I love mine, he saved mine and my babies lives. sooo amazing. Dr. hughes at rocky mountain.

Devyn said...

babies love to be swaddled. i like that blanket. maybe i might have to order me one :) i also have a wonderful OB he is in Farmington.. he is worth the drive. Dr. Spencer at Shephard Creek!

Erin Darrington said...

I have been going crazy with wondering how your ultrasound went on Monday but you haven't posted yet! I'm excited to hear how it was!