Monday, August 18, 2008

Sea Lions, and Tiger Sharks, and Whales...OH MY!!!

On Saturday Cory and I took a wild adventure to Sea World in San Antonio! We have been excited about this little trip for weeks! It was so fun just to hang out all day with Cory and walk around looking at all the neat fish and sharks. Cory loved the seals and sea lions, he thought they were hilarious! They were pretty funny. :) They would swim up to the wall with their mouth opened wide just whining loudly to be fed. It made me think that this is something similar we'd be able to look forward to in only a few months :) The little show that they put on was so cute! It’s amazing what they are able to do, dance, wave, blow kisses, all sorts of things. A HUGE walrus even did some sit ups! I can barely do sit ups these days... We also showed up at Dolphin Cove just in time to feed the dolphins! It was soo neat! We bought a tray of fish and we both got to feed them! They would swim right up and let you touch and pet them. Then they would open real wide to put the fish in! SO COOL! We also went and saw the new Beluga whale mommy and her 3 week old baby. They were so cute. Last but not least we had to see SHAMU, and the other killer whales in the show "Believe." They are huge! They would jump so high, flip, and get people soaking wet! After the show we ate some yummy Texas BBQ, and then I was beat! All that walking around in the blazing Texas heat and humidity all day my belly started to ache! It was time to go home, we were all yucky, sweaty, and exhausted. We were going to go to the River Walk, but that would have to be another day. As soon as we finally got to the car, I passed out.

It was such a fun day, and we made lots of fun memories. Now we are just counting down the days til we find out if our little baby will be a boy or a girl, and the final move back to Utah. :)

Here are our fun pictures from Sea World, with some commentary captions :)

Cory took this little video of the seals and sea lions whining for their food. They were like little kids begging for a snack :) It was so funny.


Shannon Masayo said...

seaworld is so fun i performed there when i was little. thanks for the comment hun! Maybe we can take some of you when you get here??

Nate and Sarah said...

The dolphin cove was my favorite. Those dolphins are smart, huh!!!

Erin Darrington said...

My fellow prego.,
Hey thanks for the Congrats! When are you going to be officially back in Utah? My family and I are going to be going down for conference weekend, and Jacob and I may tag along next weekend for Shawn's homecoming talk (maybe afterwards we could play secret agents lol). On the 4th during the priesthood session of conference we are going to do a baby shower with our Utah family members and I would LOOOVE to see you there, Mandy too if she wanted to come. We are also going to do a sort of farewell dinner for Michael with the family, which it would also be awesome to see you guys at, I know Michael would be especially stoked to see Trav. Like you said, it has been ages!
PS I hope your move goes good! Potty breaks and all!

Devyn said...

im so jealous! i want to go to sea world so so bad! i love it!! i commented on your baby post below too!!

joni said...

Looks like fun! Congratulations on being preggo! i'm excited for you, I seriously loved it. And I've never been to sea world. :( I'll most likely be experiencing it right along with my kids someday!