Saturday, August 2, 2008

This Baby is Very, Very Sneaky!

I have about 5 months left in my pregnancy. And I feel like I already have a sneaky baby in there.....My first trimester was a KILLER! I didn't know if I should say "We're having a baby," or "This baby is having their way with me." I was so so sick, pretty much all the time. We'll I finally entered Trimester 2 and was so excited. I kept hearing how much other women loved being pregnant and I was so excited to finally "love" being pregnant. Sure enough the "all-day"(not just morning) sickness faded, and I thought I was becoming a real person again with this sweet little baby growing in there that we would be able to hold and kiss soon! I felt the baby kick for the first time 2 days ago and that was so neat. My hormones aren't going quite as crazy so I don't think I'm quite as emotional. I have such a great husband who was so cute, and sweet dealing with my many mental breakdowns and weird, and crazy psycho chick moments. So everything has been going pretty well. The past few days have been pretty good. Then BAM! I'm sicker than a dog again. Nauseous, queasy, all those glorious things. Then I'm so so good again, I can function and do more than just lay in bed and eat saltines all day. Then BAM! So so sick again. It's like the sweet little person in there is just making sure that I know they are in there and who is boss or in charge of my body and life for the next 5 months. Well, hopefully all those "bam" moments will fade even more... I'm just excited to get our little one here, it will be so fun to be a mommy. Its what I've always wanted more than anything. And Cory will be a great daddy. But, until then.... ANY!!! advice from any other mommy would be much appreciated! Anything that helped you survive pre and post baby. Any tricks, tips, anything.... Also if there is anything that you absolutely wouldn't live with out after the baby came I would love to know about that too. :) Thanks for all your love and support. Ill keep you all posted.


Ashley Kaye said...

Hey, Megan! Sounds like what I went through... yuck. I would have to leave class to throw up last fall semester. Things that helped me:

Staying away from strong smells including, cologne, food grills, the stove, bath and body works...

Breathing though my mouth if I was forced to be near something that smells strong

Eating toast was really helpful.

Sleeping when I can during the day.

Laying down even helps. I loved to read books about what to expect during childbirth and labor. I wanted to know everything I could.

Other than that I can't think of anything. I was pretty miserable for a while. But it got better for me. It would come and go but when I was 6 months along I felt GREAT!
That is so awesome that you felt your baby move!
Some things that we can't live without now that we have our baby:

lots of burp cloths. (you'll get some at your showers)

lots of diapers and wipes. Trust me you don't want to run out.

a handy diaper bag with lots of pockets to find things easily

a carseat/stroller combo. I reccomend Graco. We love ours! It came with a car base so all I have to do is pop the car seat out of the car and it will click into the stroller or on a grocery cart.

I love the bigger blankets that I got because she outgrew the swaddling ones so fast.

We have a travel size swing too. It's nice because it holds up to 26lbs just like the big size, but I can take it with me and move it around the house so I can see her when I'm doing dishes or taking a shower. It's nice to have a place to set them down while you're getting stuff done.

Depending on whether you are breastfeeding, get a breast pump. It really helped when my milk first came in. Also buy bottles so that you can pump bottles and then Daddy can get a chance to feed the baby. (they reccomend that you wait 2 weeks to give your baby a binky or bottle just so you'll have more success with breastfeeding.)

Good luck with everything! It's so exciting. Sorry I was so long winded!!

Matt and Jackie said...

Hey Megan! Congrats on the baby news. That is so awesome, I am super excited for you. Your blog is cute :)

Erin Darrington said...

Hey my fellow fatty! Can you believe our due dates are only a couple of days apart? It's crazy. I have been really lucky in my pregnancy, no barfing, just light nausea, I have only had a handful of days where I felt incapacitated, however I am always exhausted, it's like I am constantly hiking up hill! One tip i have discovered recently is when i feel reeeeaal nauseous if I take and swallow a few deep breaths it really helps to counteract the feeling, it really seems to help - especially after brushing my teeth and tongue, my gag reflex is so super sensitive. Any who cuz, I am so super excited for you! Are you hoping for a boy or a girl? Are you going to find out the baby's sex? We go in for our ultra sound in two weeks, and we'll hopefully find out then. Hope you are well! Good luck surviving Texas, I feel for you!
ps we (I) have a blog too

Lorianne Flint said...

Megan! I had no idea you were even pregnant. Congrats! That's so awesome. When I was pregnant I had to be eating almost round the clock to prevent nausea. Crackers were excellent to have around. However, a lot of times NOTHING sounds good to eat even though you are starving. But the one thing I could always go for was pancakes. Breakfast foods were a lifesaver.
As for must-have items once the baby comes, well all the standard things of course but it also depends on the babies temperment. Emma loved to be held and rocked so a swing was perfect for her to sleep in. There are tons of other things but don't worry about all that now. Oh! One thing I loved having during pregnancy was a weekly email from a baby website that would send updates on how the baby was growing, what to expect, etc. There are tons of sites that provide it but it was so helpful and very interesting to read. Good luck! P.S. When are you guys coming back to Utah?

Shannon Masayo said...

I hear women say that crackers always helped, they lived by them, well nothing helped me, and crackers coming back up was painful. I learned to eat things that are easier coming up and that sounded good. Because no matter what I did nothing helped. I felt best when swimming.

Go out on as many dates as you can with your hubby while you can.

oh and the stroller car seat combo is awesome! I have a graco too, so nice even with twins!

make sure if and when you pump you always empty your breasts because breast infections are horrible, I thought I was dying, I had a temp of 104. ick. And massage massage your breasts.

I would recommend not rocking your baby to sleep. holding is fine, but they get used to it and then have to be rocked to fall asleep.

Vacuum while your baby is asleep and listen to music and make noise!

buttpaste. is the best butt cream.

you will be a great mommy. And i know how horrible it can seem. I used to cry everyday to Derek, telling him I couldn't do it anymore, I thought they were killing me (well technically they were), But one day you will wake up and your baby will be nine months old and you won't even remember how sick you were!

Unknown said...

Congrats on the baby! That is so exciting, its so much fun being a mommy. I have the Greco too, its awesome. What we did too was everytime we'd go to the groery store to shop we'd always get a package of diapers, wipes, and breast pads (if your nursing) that way we stocked up a ton and don't have to worry yet about running out.

Also I was so worried about being in labor because most people go on and on and on about how bad it is. But don't worry so much about it. I had a great labor, i know lots of people aren't so lucky but God won't give you more then you can handle. It's so worth it in the end to hold your new baby.

Also this is some advice that was given to me that I didn't use but probably should have. After you deliver and are staying at the hospital, Let the nurses take the baby to the nursery in the night, that way you'll be able to get more sleep and they'll just bring the baby in for you to feed it. I kept mine in my room and was up like two days strait with him. Take the sleep while you can.

SOrry i went on and on too but advice is always a good thing to have! Congrats and good luck, enjoy every moment of it!

Devyn said...

Megan.. congratulations on being pregnant. I bet that you wont know that you love being pregnant until AFTER you arent anymore. You'll miss it. Not being sick, but the special miracle of having a child inside you. You will get to the point of LOVING PREGNANCY... but no one has told you that its not til AFTER :)

I read through all the other comments and tips.. they are all great! I couldnt live without Johnson's Baby Bedtime Lotion. I still use it on Jaxon everynight after bathtime! I love it! Establish a bedtime routine ASAP. Its never too soon to start! Being a good sleeper is the best thing you can teach your baby. Both of you will be much happier with the adequate amount of sleep.

You will be a great mom!! No worries. You will be a natural at it!! And it is hard.. just remember that its hard for everyone.. not just you! Take all the help offered!!