Monday, February 28, 2011


Ho! ho! ho!!

We were very blessed this Christmas.  Santa came :) and it was so fun watching Hayden light up about all his presents.  We read his scriptures(the comic book looking ones) and "The Friend" every night before bed so he is familiar with Jesus.  But it was a neat experience talking to him about the baby Jesus.  I feel very humbled that Heavenly Father is letting me take care of one of his most special spirits and that I get to teach him.

 Opening Christmas Pj's
 Using his "muscles" to open it :) 
(that is his Im using my muscles face)
 how freaking cute is that robe?!

 These are the nativity blocks I made for our family.  Then kids can play with them and can learn about the nativity story.  And I dont have to worry about my nice one getting smashed into a million pieces.  Im all about the win-wins in life :)

 In his new Pj's just waiting to see if Santa came...
Side notes:  He wears that back pack. all. the. time.  the boy is obsessed with cars, trucks, etc.  he has to many to carry, so he carts them around in his back pack :)
Also, about the gate... Hayden is awesome at opening doors... yay? So to prevent early morning havoc while mom and dad might still be sleeping we put the gate up. 

 I love his little face looking at his kitchen for the first time. :)

 the kitchen came with 101 pieces of food....
one hundred.....and sounded like a good idea at the time... but 101 pieces all over the floor is not pretty.  at least Hayden loves it? right?  
In this pic he is signing "cracker" to Cory...

 licking the ice cream cone :)
 ...and then letting daddy have a taste :)
 coolest helicopter ever!
 checking his stocking

 we all had an amazing Christmas.. and if you cant tell from this picture, he had a great time :)

 Mack could very well be one of his most favorite toys
 ...with Lightening in his trailer of course :)
 hes walking like a dinosaur, hahahaha our neighbors love it Im sure...

 This is his new Christmas suit from Grandma Tracy.. hello GQ! He looks so big and handsome in it.  you cant see because his hand and ice cream is in the way, but! there is a pocket square that matches his tie!!! He is to die for in it..

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