Monday, February 28, 2011

Halloween and Thanksgiving

Hayden was a lion for Halloween... Halloween is so way more fun when you have kids
.......and way more stressful...
but we had a great time trunk or treating with our ward.  Have I mentioned we have a good, great, awesome, fabulously phenomenal ward?!  We have been so blessed to have made such good friends here.  They are quite literally our ward family and we are very blessed.  

we had a great Halloween though and Hayden was hands down the cutest lion ever :) He HATED the face paint.  plus he had a little runny nose so all the snot would wipe the paint off.. hows that for a visual. youuuure welcome :)

He was super cute anyway :)

I mean seriously.. sooo cute..

yup.. there was a tail.. you can all "awweeee..." now :)
doing the cake walk with daddy :)
he loooves cupcakes.  he looks like a really little lion in this picture :)
all the cars gettin ready!
This is Alli :) we love her. Hayden adores her.  I teach her in Primary... her and Hayd are BFFs 
My cupcake creations for Thanksgiving... these were Pilgrim hats...
And this is a turkey... :)
with stuffing coming out his... her... bum? on lettuce :) 
sooo much fun to make!
 better picture of the hats. so fun. and sooo easy.
Hayden waiting for dinner... 
another turkey cupcake picture... because Im THAT proud of them...

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