Monday, February 28, 2011

Fabulous Fall :)

Can I just say how much I ADORE Fall. Best. Season. EVER.

Can I  just say how much I ADORE Fall in Texas!!! It is beautiful! The weather is unbelievable... man, if you can stick out the nasty hot, humid summer you are golden for the rest of the year... totally worth it.

Here are some cute pictures from Fall 2010 for ya :)  Pictures will tell it better than I could type for ages about it :)

 That is one reaaallly big bonk.  The boy is usually covered in bruises and scrapes...he. is. so busy!
 There is an AMAZING park here called "Zilker park"
It's HUGE! and there is so much to do..
hike, fish, swim, kayak, picnic, playgrounds and this train.... :) 
 Hayden sat in awe most of the time :)

 This face cracks me up!
 Look the light!
 pretty typical.. making a mess..
 "flying" with daddy is the best :)

 Getting ready for BYU football :)
 Hayden and I made home made BYU shirts for he and Cory :)
 Hayden loves daddy's hat.  it isn't Cory's anymore really...
he was also offended we cut up his pizza and swiped Corys :)

In this picture I offered him his cut up pieces..he was obviously not pleased :)
 Picking out pumpkins :)
 he loved all the gourds.  The cute older couple running the patch gave him 2 stickers :) he was beside himself with glee! 

 lovely... trying to eat it...
 how can you not love him? he is the sweetest ever.
 Hayden started to figure out his body can do all sorts of things:
jump, walk backwards, tip toe, and balance on your head to get a different view of Dora..

Those are new shoes... thats all he wanted to wear.. his new shoes.  Best.Picture.Ever. LOL!
 watching BYU football? ya right... daddy wishes... it was probably "Cars"
 Hayden and I got the privledge to play and watch cute Rasanie a few times a week :)
 He LOOOVES her and is so good for him to have a precursor of what it might be like to have a sibling..
(no that is not a hint of something or someone to come...)
 ahhh messes...
why not climb up on the table...
and open a brand new box of apple jacks..
and then pour it over mommy's clean floor...
 ...why not...

 ok so he may not sleep in his bed ALL the time.. but we check on him before we go to sleep.. and this is what we found one night :)

 Everyone see that binki.. this is the LAST! picture you will see of it. duh duh duh duuuuunnn! (thats angels triumphantly playing Cory and I's victory)  We decided he was getting more and more clingy with it during the day.. and he obviously didnt need it all night long OR at all during the day.  So we pitched it in October. Cold turkey.. out the door.  He asked for it once and got a little emotional about it when I said it was gone.  Then I told him it was just for babies like Rasanie and he was a big boy who helps her and he was fine. Done.  Thank you Rasanie :)

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