Monday, February 28, 2011

a two year old..

December 28th... Hayden. my baby... turned two...

can you believe it?! I... me!!! I have a two year old.  People weren't kidding when they said he will grow up to fast...

We had a quiet little family day with him on his birthday.  It is tricky doing anything real big since his bday is so close to Christmas and that our family is so far away.  But he had a fun day and we all loved celebrating our new little man.

 Cory and I blew up hundreds of balloons.. ok not hundreds but 40..and filled Hayden's hallway with them.  He thought it was pretty amazing :)

 After getting him dressed and ready for the day, he lined all his dinosaurs up(and of course D-O-G) to see the balloons :)

 His birthday cake..

 Cory took Hayden to the pet store for a little daddy, buddy bonding time on his birthday.. and I finished the cake.  Hayden loooves spending one on one time with his daddy :)
 I made his favorite dinner...meal.. of all time.  Pancakes.  Not to toot my own horn, but I make a pretty spectacular pancake...*beep beep*
.....with home made syrup....
...just sayin

 Finally present time... Hayden the little stink, is one spoiled little boy.  Aunts, Uncles, and Grandparents mailed us packages for him to wrap and open on his birthday. :)

 His very own tool set!  He is my little handy man all around the house :) He finds things to fix that I didnt even know needed fixing :) He is so helpful...
 We had a "skype" party with Gma Tracy, Aunt Mandi and Uncle Trav.. Skype is a wonderful thing :)
Here he was showing Gma his tools :)

 whoa... that's a big bite dude...
 ..well there it goes

 ...yup you got it all in
 ...just a little frosting left.  go big or go home I guess :)
 I wanted to get a pic of him in the tub with a number 2 on him.. because he turned 2 and I did that on his 1 birthday (Im sure he will looove pics in the tub with a 16 on his chest one day)
but he insisted on not the 2 but the letter "I"

 I tried the 2 again... and well...
 ... he wasnt happy about it. hahahaha
I love this face.. hahaha "Please for the love mom! I dont want that number 2 on me!"
 gross! He is such a tease, he drinks the water on purpose!!! because he knows it grosses me out..

 ohhh that big smile is the cutest ever..

 I snapped pictures like crazy at this point, mid laugh and that resulted in the following...

I know huh?!  I could kiss that dimple right off him!

He had a great birthday.  It was all about him so that had to be good right? :) Plus he got a bigillion more cars, puzzles, tools, movies, books, clothes :) hes a lucky boy to have so many people love him so much.

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The Stephen F. Powell Family said...

So stinkin cute. Great job with your blog. it looks awesome.