Monday, February 28, 2011


Ive always been use to Fa-reeezing winters... especially last winter in Rexburg.. umm hello -2 degrees.  not fun. But in Austin, well it's cold-ish.. Cold-ish meaning long sleeves and a jacket or hoodie...and maaaaayyybe a coat at night. But that kinda cold is nothing compared to Utah, Rexburg cold... but when you are use to 105 degrees with 90% humidity, 45 degrees feels waaaay too cold.

It was fun getting ready for Christmas this year.  Hayden kinda got the just of it.  He liked all the typical Christmas traditions anyway :) but who doesn't like making sugar cookies? visiting neighbors and friends? opening presesnts? reading Christmas books? Christmas music? I mean really... (the Grinch and Scrooge dont count...)

Sooo onto pictures of our Winter time fun...

 Best game ever..
 ...pretending to be daddy, in daddy's shoes and go to work...
 at our ward Christmas party.
...those are some of our cute friends, the Quinns.
Amy is super cute preggo, and those are her two girls Annalee(in pink) and Addy(the one with pigtails)
 Hayden loooves Addy :)

 Hayden's snowman mask.. 
 once again... on the floor...

 guess who did the laundry?
.....NOT me! that's for sure... 

 at the Christmas lights with the Ly's
 Poor Hayden. It was sooo late and he was soo tired.  this picture is so funny.. Rasanie is like, "dude, what is your deal?!"
 and even more mad now...
at least we got one cute family picture :)
 sugar cookie time!
 can you tell he was lovin it?
 TA DA!!

 nice bud... dump allllll the cookie cutters out and then stand/sit in the tub to watch Blue's Clues while the cookies cook..

 Decorating the cookies
 "some for the cookie... and some for me"

 Hayden... making sure the dough was safe :)
Finished product.. I love all the little finger swipes in them, hahaha.. and the bite out of the tree

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